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  • On The Road With Ditchling MOT's

    An MOT may not seem like the most exciting necessity, but in order to keep your vehicle safely on the road, it pays to choose wisely where you take your vehicle and as Robert Veitch found out recently, Ditchling MOT’s Ltd is an excellent choice

  • Coronation Chicken

    Celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee with this classic recipe that was created for the coronation in 1953. This version by Adele Trathan is based upon the original royal dish, and it might stir up a few memories… for those old enough to remember!

  • Platinum Party

    Planning a community celebration for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee? From choosing activities to getting everyone involved, Hanna Prince looks at how to prepare

  • Fantastically Foxy Food

    Advertising Feature: Tim Earley has been executive chef of The Fox Eating and Drinking House in West Hoathly since 2014 and it’s become his pride and joy in the years since then, as Robert Veitch discovered on a recent visit to remember

  • A Different Kind Of Project At Hangleton & Knoll

    Robert Veitch reports on the unique Hangleton & Knoll Project – a community development charity that creates opportunities for its’ residents to be both the focal point of decision making and primary beneficiaries of those decisions

  • Perfect Pins

    Neglected legs are screaming out all over the country, “Get us ready to rock a summer dress!” Sara Whatley has a few tips to get your pins picture perfect

  • Get Fresh

    We are keeping it fresh this month and breathing deeply as Sara Whatley explores the benefits of fresh air

  • Retire In Style

    Have you ever wondered about the realities of living in a retirement village? Sara Whatley talked to Barry and Kathy, a couple who have made the move and are enjoying their new luxury lifestyle

  • A Second Chance To Succeed

    It’s strange to think that one legacy of Datsun cars arriving in the UK over 50 years ago is a foundation championing the young and changing their fortunes, but that’s the case at the Camelia Botnar Foundation as Robert Veitch discovered

  • Mothering Sunday

    The roots of Mothering Sunday and Mother’s Day were laid down in different times and in contrasting ways so Peter d’Aguilar has delved into history to learn a little more about them

  • If You Ask Me: What's In A Word

    What's in word? Frankly, it's hard to know these days, says self-confessed word geek, Flo Whitaker

  • Stretch Your Style

    Are you feeling ready to take on the world one power lunge at a time? Sara Whatley looks at the joy of life in athleisure

  • Sporty Sussex Goes Indoors – Cribbage

    Before the advent of computer games, we British kept ourselves amused with more home-spun hobbies, sports and pastimes – many of which centred around the local pub. Peter d’Aguilar suggests you find a friend, nip down the pub, order a drink, open up a deck of cards and discover the enduring world of cribbage

  • Sporty Sussex Goes Indoors – Toad In The Hole

    Before the advent of computer games, we British kept ourselves amused with more home-spun hobbies, sports and pastimes – many of which centred around the local pub. Peter d’Aguilar looks at parts of the county where it’s legal to toss a toad into a hole, but in others it’s a serious pastime

  • Sporty Sussex Goes Indoors – Bar Billiards

    Before the advent of computer games, we British kept ourselves amused with more home-spun hobbies, sports and pastimes – many of which centred around the local pub. Peter d’Aguilar investigates an easy to learn, entertaining game, involving cue action, strategy, mathematics, balls and pegs... called bar billiards

  • Providing NHS Care At The Heart Of The Community

    Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust (SCFT) is the largest provider of NHS community services in Brighton and Hove, West Sussex and the High Weald, Lewes, and Havens area of East Sussex as Adele Trathan explains

  • Sporty Sussex Goes Indoors – Darts

    Before the advent of computer games, we British kept ourselves amused with more home-spun hobbies, sports and pastimes – many of which centred around the local pub. Peter d’Aguilar has explored darts, so pop down the local, order a pint, whip out your arrows, and enjoy a very social hour or two

  • Investing

    The world of investments can be a tricky one to navigate, so Lisa de Silva has shed some light on some potential options with her very accessible, easy to understand, handy guide to investing

  • Moving Generosity

    Last summer St Peter & St James Hospice relocated their distribution centre from North Chailey to a new location in Hurstpierpoint as Robert Veitch recently discovered

  • Recycle Your Christmas Tree For Chestnut Tree

    This year, businesses and residents in Sussex can get their Christmas trees collected and recycled in return for a donation to Chestnut Tree House children’s hospice, who support children with life-shortening conditions and their families, writes Charlotte Waring

  • A Christmas Miscellany

    If you’ve ever wondered how some seasonal things came to be and how some traditions started out then let our rosy-cheeked, sherry quaffing, man in the sleigh, Peter d’Aguilar, guide you through a few festive did you know’s…

  • All That Glitters

    Did you know that tinsel was originally a status symbol? Or that tree baubles were first popularised by Queen Victoria? In the second part of our series on Christmas decorations, Hanna Prince explores the origins of modern festive ornaments

  • The Alternative Guide To Christmas

    You wouldn’t find these gifts in a stocking – but they’re sure to brighten up Christmas day. Ethical, fun and brimming with Yuletide spirit, here’s Hanna Prince’s pick of the best alternative presents

  • Doorstep Carols

    Last Christmas a new initiative helped bring people together after a tough 2020 and this year, on the 15th December, it’s hoped the event will spread nationwide as Robert Veitch found out

  • Give A Gift

    Advertising Feature: The More Radio Toy Appeal is working to make sure every child in Sussex has a Christmas present to open this year. Lou Nash from the More Radio Breakfast show told Sara Whatley how they do it

  • Four Reasons Why Driving With Worn Out Tyres Is A Bad Idea

    Advertising Feature: Katy Jones explains why it's good practice to check your tyres before winter sets in, and recommends professional help for those that need the support of experts

  • What The Average UK House Price Could Get You In Sussex (And Beyond)

    In the UK right now the average house price is estimated at just over £245,000 (as of February 2021). But that figure obviously varies from region to region. So if you're a first-time buyer or looking to move to pastures new, which areas should you be looking at to get the best value for your money?

  • Five Great Presents for Him this Christmas (and Five for Her)

    Looking for something special for your other half this Christmas? Check out our picks for the festive season, as well as a few for yourself...

  • Homemade Chocolate Truffles

    Chocolate truffles make the perfect homemade gift to give at Christmas, or to enjoy yourself while snuggled up in front of a festive film.

  • Ten Great Bargains You Can Pick Up For Black Friday

    Looking for some great discounts ahead of Black Friday? Amazon are offering deals on a range of products all week until Monday November 30 - here's our picks for you...

  • Ten Items Great For The Home During Lockdown

    With another lockdown currently upon us, it's not particularly nice having to stay at home all the time. But there's no need to live in discomfort, with plenty of options to enhance your home, especially as winter approaches. Here's our picks to get the perfect set-up...

  • Ten Great Christmas Presents For the Kids This Year

    Can you believe it's nearly Christmas?! And after the year it's been, it seems like we all deserve a treat. Here's our picks for the best gifts on offer for your children this year...

  • Lewes Priory Chronicles

    The ruined medieval priory tucked away behind Southover High Street was once the economic and religious hub of Lewes. Hanna Prince delves into the area’s hidden history

  • The Beauty of Sussex: The Results of our Photo Competition

    Last month, we ran a competition to find the best scenic shots of Sussex, and received some incredible entries. Here we reveal the top ten images from those that were submitted and announce our winner

  • Environmental Wellbeing: How Caring for our Planet can Help You

    There are some simple things we can do to help our environment and better ourselves in the process

  • That Ol' Black Magic: Why it's the Ideal Colour for Autumn

    A mysterious and seductive colour, Lisa de Silva tells us why black remains one of the most popular choices in the fashion world

  • Call the Midwife: How a Sussex Nurse Changed the Profession

    When it comes to childbirth, it’s assumed that a midwife is always on call and ready for action. But it wasn’t always the case, as the role of Alice Gregory in modern day midwifery makes obvious

  • Caring with Technology: How it can Help

    Technology-enabled care is becoming more important and helpful to West Sussex residents than ever before

  • Jack's Back For More: The Art of Jack-O'-Lanterns

    As Halloween approaches, Robert Veitch delves into his memory banks and encyclopaedias to discover a little more about jack-o’-lanterns

  • The Life and Times of the Pumpkin

    We take a look at all things pumpkin, its origins and its surprising number of uses

  • Eat Local This Christmas

    Our assistant editor Jamie offers his thoughts on the need to support local eateries in the lead-up to the festive season

  • Competition: Win FREE Tickets to The Garden Show at Firle Place

    Enjoy a fantastic day out for you and your family, full of gorgeous garden and style ideas, art and design, all set in the beautiful location of Firle Place. Why not nominate yourself for this great prize - and feel free to share with your friends as we have three sets of tickets to win!

  • Wedding Trends: Suggestions to Make your Day Unique

    As well as being incredibly exciting, planning a wedding is a time to express yourself as a couple. We've compiled some on-trend ideas and suggestions to help make your day unique, special to you, and memorable for all your guests!

  • Going to the Chapel: Options for your Wedding Day

    As the country continues to move through strange times, we look at some of the options for those couples hoping to celebrate their special day

  • Fall Prevention: Following the 'Super Six'

    Some advice for vulnerable residents who may be at risk of a fall

  • Safe At Home With Everycare: Helping Sussex Residents in Familiar Surroundings

    (Paid advertising feature) One thing we’ve learnt this year is the importance of home, so we met David Dimelow to learn how Everycare can help individuals remain living in familiar surroundings as they become older and more vulnerable

  • A Loving and Caring Environment: St Peter & St James Hospice

    (Paid advertising feature) We find out that despite this year’s challenges St Peter & St James Hospice continue to discover new ways to keep up with fundraising efforts whilst keeping everyone safe

  • The Importance of Good Neighbours in Sussex

    We look at an important community service in Sussex which helps people who are feeling isolated or lonely

  • How Will Your Care Fees Be Paid? Getting You the Right Support

    Looking for a care package that’s right for you? Make sure you’ve considered all of your options – there’s plenty of support out there, writes Jane Finnerty the joint chairman of SOLLA

  • Community Stars: Care in the Community

    Care in the community has carried on these last few months while the world around it changed. The old normal became a new normal. Countless people have performed above and beyond the call of duty to help those in need. We report on a handful of stories to celebrate some of these community stars, but we know this is just the tip of the iceberg

  • The Families Left Behind: Missing People in Sussex

    In this special feature, we look at the emotional challenges facing investigating police officers and the families of missing people in Sussex

  • Social Wellbeing: Developing and Strengthening our Friendships

    Our advice on social wellbeing at a time when friendships and family are more important than ever

  • Competition: Nominate a friend to win a massage treatment with Profiles

    Do you have a friend or family member who deserves a treat? Someone who went the extra mile to help others during these strange times? You can nominate them to win this special prize!

  • Falling for Autumnal Hues and Style

    We give our top tips on the colours to wear for the season ahead

  • Making Up with Colour Cosmetics

    We look at the coming season’s makeup trends to enhance your features

  • Splashdown From Lockdown: The Drinking Culture in Sussex

    Our assistant editor Jamie looks back at the changes and challenges over recent months for those who like an occasional tipple

  • Winemaking in Sussex: Vineyards and Varieties of the County

    As harvest approaches, we investigate why the Sussex countryside is becoming prime wine-producing country

  • Towering Trees: The Dawn Redwood in Sussex

    We examine one of the tallest-growing trees in the country and explains their stunning life cycle through the seasons

  • Tending to your Legal Needs

    (Advertising feature) We speak to Tisshaws, the specialist family law firm, and learn how the business is continuing to help clients during these strange times

  • Glitter, Glue and Glory: Home Parenting and Schooling in Lockdown

    One of our resident writers shares the challenges – and the unexpected rewards - of home parenting during lockdown

  • Lockdown Diaries in Sussex

    With COVID-19 likely to become one of the biggest events of the 21st century, we talked to local archivists who’ve been documenting what’s happening in our county, so it can be remembered for generations to come

  • PHOTO COMPETITION: Win a Disney Plus Subscription Pass

    Do you enjoy taking lots of photos and seeing the sights of Sussex? Here’s your chance to put your images in Sussex Living magazine!

  • Wellbeing in the Workplace

    Some advice for those who may be facing work struggles during these uncertain times

  • Get Your Glow On this Summer

    Healthy, radiant and glowing skin is our number one beauty goal this summer. Thankfully the cosmetics market has us covered as we explore the best way to retain that inner radiance

  • Shades of Summer: What to Wear this Month

    Zesty orange, sherbet lemon and exotic saffron: we go through the essential colours of the season

  • Love Your Local Sussex Shops

    We note some of the great items to buy locally, at a time when independent businesses need our custom more than ever before

  • Celebrating the Child of Sussex Awards

    Now in its milestone tenth year, we look at this special event which celebrates some of the most special children in Sussex

  • Omnia Business Services: Everything and More

    (Paid advertising feature) If there’s one thing to be sure of in business, it’s that change is guaranteed. So, it’s good to know that one local company can help, not just with the theory of everything, but the practicalities too

  • Dame Vera Lynn: A 20th Century Icon

    We spoke to Dame Vera Lynn’s daughter, Virginia Lewis-Jones, about her remarkable mother who gave so much to the people of this country

  • The Joys of English Vermouth in Sussex

    (Paid advertising feature) The revitalised and highly regarded contribution to the English wine industry from producers along the South Downs has recently been joined by a new all English Vermouth.

  • Celebration of Individuality: Bowley Funeral Service

    (Paid advertising feature) We chat to Paul Bowley at Bowley Funeral Service’s freshly updated Hassocks branch, to discover how funerals are now more about celebrating a loved one’s life than mourning their passing

  • The Devil in Sussex

    The Devil has been a frequent visitor to Sussex for many years, trying as he might to thwart the development of Christianity.

  • Sussex Living Explores Walking in Lockdown

    This column would normally begin at a railway station, a bus stop or a well-located car park, but during lockdown, all of this author's walks began and ended at his front door. Some of his memories and discoveries may strike a chord.

  • Crawley: In with the New

    Few places in Sussex can compete with the sweeping changes that have turned Crawley from a compact 18th century coaching halt to the thriving New Town with a population of over a hundred thousand

  • The Industrial Legacy of Burgess Hill

    Modern day Burgess Hill bears little resemblance to the town that welcomed the railway in 1841, but dig a little deeper and the history is there.

  • Historical Hurst: Discovering the Delights of a Mid Sussex village

    The beautiful and bustling village of Hurstpierpoint is set snuggly into the rolling South Downs and, for a relatively small country village, it is simply bursting with life

  • The Spanish lady: How the Spanish Flu Ravaged Sussex

    Following the centenary of the Spanish Flu outbreak, Sussex Living discovers how the deadliest pandemic in recent history spread through Sussex