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Five Ways To Modernise Your Kitchen

They say the way to most people’s hearts is through their stomachs. Therefore, the adage of the kitchen being ‘the heart of the home’ holds very true in this day and age, particularly as the winter chill encourages indoor hospitality...

As December ushers in the holiday spirit, many homeowners will be contemplating ways they can create a fresh and inviting atmosphere through clever interior design, well into the new year. So, why not extend the same courtesy to your kitchen?


How to Give Your Kitchen a Modern Makeover

For homeowners everywhere, the kitchen is invariably the centrepiece of the home, where family and friends can gather, cook, socialise, relax, and eat in pure comfort. Even small kitchens can create a buzz of excitement and activity within a home environment. While for some residents, the kitchen is a functional place that serves a valuable purpose, that doesn’t mean that kitchens have to be exclusively one thing or the other. Whatever you want your kitchen to be, you have the potential to turn it into something special, memorable, and inspiring. 

Over time, however, even a well-loved and spacious kitchen can start to look tired and dated. The design and layout can become invasive and disruptive, rather than beneficial, and there comes a time when homeowners feel compelled to give it a fresh look. Statistically, renovating a kitchen - as well as a bathroom - can be an excellent way to boost home value too. Therefore, whether you need something new for yourself imminently, or whether you’re thinking about the long-term home value, modernising a kitchen can be a tremendous investment.

Sprucing up your kitchen to look more contemporary and modern doesn’t have to cost the earth, nor does it have to create huge headaches. There are countless ways to give your kitchen a new lease of life with a makeover that turns a tired and fading space into something bright, inviting, and vibrant. Whether you’re opting for a few simple updates or a full-scale redesign, bringing your kitchen into the 21st Century doesn’t have to be daunting or overly expensive. 


Five Kitchen Redesign Inspiration Ideas

One of the most effective ways to get some kitchen design inspiration is to visit a local Sussex showroom, such as the one offered by the luxury kitchen designers at the Brighton Kitchen Company.

However, if you just need food for thought (no pun intended) at this stage, here are five key tips to help you start envisioning your kitchen to be the welcoming space that you’ve always dreamed of.

1. Open Up the Room

Many older properties in Sussex have historical kitchens with closed-off, compartmentalised layouts, among other quirks. It’s unsurprising why newer homeowners often feel disconnected from the rest of the house in these small and compact spaces. 

To alleviate this feeling, creating a more open-plan space by knocking down walls is most effective. If you can successfully take out walls that separate the kitchen from the other rooms in your home, you can create a lighter, airier, and more contemporary feel. Giving the space a more inviting and connected feel will also give you the opportunity to create open-plan kitchen and dining areas. If you have the budget, you can also consider extending your kitchen to give you additional space without affecting other rooms.

As far as open-plan layouts go, the crucial ingredient is natural light. Consider the placement of your windows, lights, and maybe newer glazed or glass-paned doors to gift your property with floods of colour and sunshine. This is infinitely preferable to leaving the kitchen to fester in isolated darkness, illuminated by a single skylight. 

2. Update the Layout

While opening the kitchen to be more connected with adjacent rooms, a solid way to freshen it up is to reconfigure its layout. Modernising the kitchen from an older, traditional layout can breathe new life into even the most compact of spaces.

Traditionally, rows of fitted units aren’t as practical for busy families or working professionals. Instead, consider a more ergonomic, triangular layout where the fridge, sink, and oven/hob form an efficient model to make it more functional for you. Cleverly placed islands, peninsulas, or breakfast bars are also smart options to provide additional spacing in an open-plan kitchen, without it feeling isolated. 

3. Choose Sleek Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets, cupboards, and storage can quickly feel dated and lose colour and appeal before long. While a short-term option may simply be to upgrade the cabinet doors, sometimes swapping heavy, ornate units for sleek, contemporary and consistent cabinetry is an intuitive way to make the kitchen feel more modern.

Streamlined shapes and clean lines of handle-less or shaker-style doors can help brighten the room visually, while simultaneously making it feel larger. Muted colour palettes of whites, greys, and neutrals accented with matte metallics also create an elegant, pared-back look. Plenty of off-the-shelf kitchen cabinets can be customised to suit the decor and aesthetic you’re going for.

Don’t forget about the internal storage, from the shelving to the modular layouts. Drawers and pull-out larders with fitted internal systems will ensure your cabinets are equal parts functional, spacious and aesthetically stunning.

4. Select Striking Finishes

Surfaces, finishes, and worktops are all vital in giving your kitchen a unique look and personality. Worktop materials like quartz, made from natural stone and resin provide an attractive, scratch-resistant, hygienic and consistent tone. Stone and concrete-effect options in warm colours are also highly sought-after by homeowners.

Walls with veneer bricks as tiles, in muted greys, creams or reds, create an industrial look. These also make a stark difference from basic patterned tiles which tend to date quickly.

Wood-effect or vinyl flooring is another modern kitchen preference for many, providing a durable, easy-clean, and cost-effective option. These all work in unison to create clean lines and are helped significantly by integrated appliances that don’t stick out like sore thumbs. Integrating a dishwasher and oven without detracting from the new kitchen ambience is a great way to keep things concealed and contemporary.

5. Factor in Clever Lighting

Lighting is imperative to consider when modernising your kitchen, and the wrong choice can often make or break the look and practicality. Different light sources situated to create layers can work wonders at creating a modern finish. 

Consider pendant lights over islands or breakfast bars, to create a focal point while providing task lighting. Spots and tracks can be used to illuminate worktops and cooking areas, while LED strips can be strategically placed under cabinets for food preparation. Consider creating subtle mood lighting in dining areas to illuminate sufficiently without being stricken by swathes of natural light.

Redesigning your kitchen to be a modern, contemporary space that adds value to your home and creates an inviting room requires some planning. Whether you’re planning a room-by-room renovation or a major property overhaul, be sure to consider all of the above factors when reimagining your new kitchen. 

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