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  • Storrington Walk

    New Year, new location, new walk, same old writer… Robert Veitch travelled to Storrington and uncovered a gem that gets 2022 off to a fabulous start!

  • Advertising Feature: Sound Advice From Sussex Audiology

    Advertising Feature: Most of us take good hearing for granted, but what are the options when the quality of our hearing begins to decline? We sent Robert Veitch to learn more from the experts at the Sussex Audiology Centre in Hove

  • Sporty Sussex Goes Indoors – Darts

    Before the advent of computer games, we British kept ourselves amused with more home-spun hobbies, sports and pastimes – many of which centred around the local pub. Peter d’Aguilar has explored darts, so pop down the local, order a pint, whip out your arrows, and enjoy a very social hour or two

  • Investing

    The world of investments can be a tricky one to navigate, so Lisa de Silva has shed some light on some potential options with her very accessible, easy to understand, handy guide to investing

  • Advertising Feature: Liberty & Love

    Advertising Feature: Liberty & Love is passionate about women feeling good about themselves, offering a range of beautiful underwear and nightwear that is aimed for real women, of all shapes and sizes, as Helen Stockton discovered when she visited

  • Moving Generosity

    Last summer St Peter & St James Hospice relocated their distribution centre from North Chailey to a new location in Hurstpierpoint as Robert Veitch recently discovered

  • Happy New Year

    All the team at Sussex Living magazine would like to take the opportunity to wish all our readers, contributors and advertisers a very Happy New Year and all the best for 2022

  • Recycle Your Christmas Tree For Chestnut Tree

    This year, businesses and residents in Sussex can get their Christmas trees collected and recycled in return for a donation to Chestnut Tree House children’s hospice, who support children with life-shortening conditions and their families, writes Charlotte Waring

  • A Christmas Miscellany

    If you’ve ever wondered how some seasonal things came to be and how some traditions started out then let our rosy-cheeked, sherry quaffing, man in the sleigh, Peter d’Aguilar, guide you through a few festive did you know’s…

  • All That Glitters

    Did you know that tinsel was originally a status symbol? Or that tree baubles were first popularised by Queen Victoria? In the second part of our series on Christmas decorations, Hanna Prince explores the origins of modern festive ornaments

  • The Alternative Guide To Christmas

    You wouldn’t find these gifts in a stocking – but they’re sure to brighten up Christmas day. Ethical, fun and brimming with Yuletide spirit, here’s Hanna Prince’s pick of the best alternative presents

  • Doorstep Carols

    Last Christmas a new initiative helped bring people together after a tough 2020 and this year, on the 15th December, it’s hoped the event will spread nationwide as Robert Veitch found out

  • Advertising Feature: Give A Gift

    Advertising Feature: The More Radio Toy Appeal is working to make sure every child in Sussex has a Christmas present to open this year. Lou Nash from the More Radio Breakfast show told Sara Whatley how they do it

  • Advertising Feature: Four Reasons Why Driving With Worn Out Tyres Is A Bad Idea

    Advertising Feature: Katy Jones explains why it's good practice to check your tyres before winter sets in, and recommends professional help for those that need the support of experts

  • Birds Of Christmas

    Have you ever wondered why we associate robins with Christmas? Becca Smith from the RSPB explains how the link came to be, and how we can help our feathered friends through the winter

  • 100 Years Of Support

    This year the Royal British Legion are celebrating 100 years of supporting the Armed Forces community with the Poppy Appeal. Sara Whatley finds out what they have in store

  • Cheers To Christmas

    As Christmas creeps nearer it’s time to make your Christmas party bookings at your favourite eatery. Don’t miss out, says Sara Whatley

  • Recognising Carers

    Are you a carer? Or not sure if you are one? Sara Whatley has been talking to Christine Virginie at Carers Support West Sussex, working with and for unpaid carers

  • Have You Got The Willpower?

    St Peter & St James Hospice in North Chailey is one of thirteen hospices in Sussex, so we asked Robert Veitch to find out a little more about what they do, how they are funded, and their ongoing relationship with donkeys

  • Youth Groups in Action – Youth Clubs

    There’s often far more going on at a youth club than those passing by might realise and these agents for social change sometimes miss out on the credit they deserve writes Robert Veitch


Food and Drink

  • Recipe: Creamy Sweet Potato Soup

    Try this warm, hearty and really quite easy sweet potato soup – perfect for a weekday lunch.

  • Recipe: Vegan Cheese And Onion Tarte Tatin

    You won’t miss dairy cheese in this impressive-looking dinner party dish.

  • A Cocktail Cornucopia

    ‘Tis the season to be jolly! What better way to get in the mood than indulging in a cocktail or two for some festive frivolity? Adele Trathan and Stephen King offer their twist on some classic cocktail recipes and some tasty alcohol free options so everyone can partake

  • Party Pieces

    Entertaining can be stressful but there are plenty of ways to make it easy on yourself with some prior preparation as Adele Trathan explains

  • Recipe: Filo Pastry Mince Pies

    Sixteen year-old Imogen Palmer has been putting her seasonal spin on a traditional recipe. For the less adventurous and for those not tempted to make their own mincemeat… grab a 600g jar of ready made instead. Let’s bake!

  • Alcohol Awareness

    With the festive party season almost upon us, Lisa de Silva offers some wise and thoughtful words on the topic of alcohol awareness, and some suggestions on ways to keep consumption under control

  • Food Bank

    Foodbanks and seasonal boxes are a lifeline to many. Donations of food and basics such as toiletries can go a long way to helping those in desperate need. Find your nearest drop off points and opening times below

  • Tray Baked Chicken With Potatoes And Tomatoes

    This all-in-one tray bake by Adele Trathan is ideal as a mid-week meal, it combines great flavours for a tasty meal but with minimal washing-up

  • Advertising Feature: A Dining Delight At The Crabtree

    Advertising Feature: The seasons might be turning and the temperatures might be falling, but one Sussex pub is creating a clamour all of it’s own, raising the bar, creating a culinary phenomenon and exciting diners, as Robert Veitch discovered at The Crabtree

  • Recipe: Cod & Chorizo One Pan Winter Warmer

    This warming and tasty recipe by Adele Trathan, puts all the ingredients into one pan, making it simple and easy for all the family to enjoy

  • Hearty Beef & Pumpkin Stew

    This is the perfect, homely dinner to look forward to as the autumn nights draw in. Adele Trathan explains how to make this delicious casserole that is baked and served straight from the pumpkin

  • Smashing Pumpkins

    As Halloween approaches and children start to carve their creative works of art, Adele Trathan demonstrates with three very different recipes, how the versatile humble pumpkin can be transformed into culinary masterpieces

  • Wine Time

    In celebration of the vineyards of Sussex and the fabulous Sparkling Wines produced here, Sara Whatley dives into the world of wine

  • Fabulous Fast Food

    Hot, nutritionally balanced, convenient and delicious meals and puddings are just a click or a call away. Sara Whatley discovers how to make cooking and eating easy

  • Advertising Feature: A Cut Above At Woodhouse Butchery

    Advertising Feature: Sara Whatley discovers how Woodhouse Butchery are punching way above their weight in the meat world with both their products and their extraordinary service

  • It's Time To Dust Off You Apron For Cancer

    Sophie Beresford from Macmillan Cancer Support has written about the good work the charity does in Sussex, and then makes the case for getting involved in this year’s Coffee Morning to help the good work continue

  • Easy 4-Spice Chicken Curry

    This contemporary curry recipe is full of flavour but uses just staple kitchen cupboard ingredients. Adele Trathan recommends making it for family and friends as it’s easy to prepare in advance which lets the flavour develop and makes it a stress-free favourite

  • Honey Griddled Prawns

    This is a dish to impress your guests. Adele Trathan uses honey in three stages of her recipe, generating depth and sweetness to deliciously succulent, griddled king prawns

  • Recipe: Berry Parfait

    'Parfait' means 'perfect' in French and this recipe by Adele Trathan is quick and easy, as well as eye-catching and delicious.

  • Recipe: Asparagus with Easy Hollandaise Sauce

    The perfect partners; offering a combination of texture and taste, an ideal companion to salmon or steak. Adele Trathan’s hollandaise sauce is easy to make because it uses oil, which means it can be reheated without spoiling, or served at room temperature.


  • Advertising Feature: Unwind At Soirée Lounge Bar

    Advertising Feature: An inviting atmosphere, with friendly staff serving delicious drinks and creative cocktails, makes Soirée Lounge Bar a perfect destination for good times with friends and family, as Helen Stockton reveals

  • Be Your Best You

    Let’s make 2022 a year of feeling great, happy and healthy. Sara Whatley looks at whole body wellness topics to keep us feeling our best all year long

  • Advertising Feature: A Grand Residence

    Advertising Feature: The dilemmas that come with an ageing relative may be many, but a safe and caring place to live is paramount, as Robert Veitch discovered on a recent visit to The Victoria Grand in Worthing

  • Advertising Feature: Sedici Style

    Advertising Feature: A haven of style for the sophisticated woman with a passion for fashion, Sara Whatley pays a visit to Sedici

  • Field Of Dreams

    For the folk that restore and maintain vintage agricultural equipment it’s a year round labour of love, as Robert Veitch discovered when he met three members of SEVAC, the South Eastern Vintage Agricultural Club

  • If You Ask Me... Politics

    This month, Flo Whitaker's considering starting a new political party; it's going to be called 'RAM' – Rage Against Mediocrity. Wanna Join?

  • Advertising Feature: Hair, Heart & Soul

    Advertising Feature: Ready for a new look? Essence Hair in Haywards Heath offers excellent hairdressing and an exceptionally warm welcome, as Sara Whatley found out

  • Crawley Down Walk

    With November upon us, we asked Robert Veitch to find an interesting walk in a new location and upon mostly solid ground; he set out from Crawley Down with a skip in his stride and returned to the office beaming from ear to ear after a memorable ramble

  • Advertising Feature: Botanicals And Bees

    Advertising Feature: An exciting new exhibition and gallery is opening at the Newart Gallery in Eastbourne this September, celebrating the work of Louisa Crispin

  • High Low Dressing

    As the new season rolls in it’s time to have fun with some mega new looks. Be bold, bright and big, says Sara Whatley

  • Lou's Top Tips For An Eco-Friendly Wedding

    When More Radio breakfast presenter Lou Nash and her husband set out to plan their wedding fifteen months ago, they intended to make it as eco-friendly as possible, and here she shares some of their best ideas

  • Singing For The Brain

    Tim Wilkins, a Service User Involvement Officer for Alzheimer’s Society in West Sussex writes about the benefits of ‘Singing for the Brain’

  • If You Ask Me... Signs

    “I think that I shall never see a billboard lovely as a tree,” wrote the late, great Ogden Nash. Flo Whitaker agrees – there are far too many signs in the world, and many of them are utterly ridiculous

  • Conscious Shopping

    Become an ethical and green shopper which is good not just for our planet and fellow human beings but for our hearts and happiness too. Sara Whatley discovers more

  • Wealth Management

    The management of personal wealth is a discipline that involves planning, growing, preserving, and protecting wealth, as well as passing it on to the next generation efficiently, as Peter d’Aguilar explains

  • If You Ask Me... On Holiday

    These are the highlights from Flo Whitaker’s holiday diary, having recently returned from a short break with her friend, a fellow Medieval history geek

  • Balcombe to Haywards Heath Walk

    With the dog days of summer preceding the arrival of autumn, or an Indian summer (who knows!) we asked Robert Veitch to find an interesting route from Balcombe to Haywards Heath. He took his friend Donna along for the gallivant, to brighten his day and count the kissing gates

  • Overhaul Your Make-Up Bag

    Out with the old and in with the new for multifunctional makeup to save you time, space and money. Sara Whatley looks at a few hard working products, some of which you probably already own!

  • Book Review: Away with the Penguins by Hazel Prior

    A beautiful story about a feisty 86-year-old, desperate to embark on one final great adventure.

  • TV Drama You'll Want To Watch This Winter

    There's plenty of TV drama to get stuck in to while we're indoors this winter. Here's our list of what's on and when.


  • Equality FC

    Lewes FC is a football club punching well above its weight. Not only do they play at an extremely high level, they are dedicated to making social changes for good. Sara Whatley met with CEO powerhouse Maggie Murphy to talk football politics, their stance on equality, fan ownership and the love of the game

  • On The Wild Side Of Life With Ray Mears

    Ray Mears lives and breathes the wild. His passionate career in the exploration and teaching of nature has seen him become a bushcraft and survival legend, loved and respected by many worldwide. He generously spoke to Sara Whatley from his home in Sussex

  • Advertising Feature: Spinning Jenni

    Advertising Feature: From Radio 1 to More Radio Retro, and many airwaves in between, Jenni Costello likes nothing more than spinning some classic tunes. Sara Whatley speaks to the lady herself

  • Advertising Feature: Walk This Way

    Advertising Feature: More Radio’s breakfast host Jack the Lad is doing a big charity walk for Rockinghorse Children’s Charity. This cheeky chappie tells Sara Whatley the whole story

  • Educating Horsham

    Stephen Tompkinson and Jessica Johnson are a couple in real life and will be performing together this September. They are heading to Sussex to tread the boards in Horsham, Robert Veitch chatted to them while they cooked dinner together

  • Poetry, Politics, Pearls & Caviar: The Life of an Underrated Sussex Author

    Sussex Living investigates much-neglected Sussex writer Hilaire Belloc, a politician, patriot and polymath on the month of his birth and death

  • A Journey Into a Magical Mind: Writer and Illustrator Chris Riddell

    We talk to acclaimed children’s author and illustrator Chris Riddell about his inventive imagination, love of the Sussex coast and his eagerness to inspire the next generation of creative youngsters

  • Force of Nature: An Interview with Bob Flowerdew

    Well known for his presence on Radio 4’s Gardeners’ Question Time, Bob Flowerdew speaks to us on the love of his profession, his links to Sussex and his handy gardening tips

  • Tara Leniston: From Actress to Autism Advocate

    From a life of movie acting and travelling the world to becoming an autism advocate from her home on the South coast, Tara Leniston gives an honest account of her journey

  • David Calder: An Interview with John Hannam

    We talk to actor David Calder on his love of Sussex and life during lockdown

  • John 'Boycie' Challies: An Interview with John Hannam

    On a cold January day I headed for Ludlow to meet up with Boycie, that notorious second-hand car dealer from Only Fools and Horses.

  • Tessa Peake-Jones: An Interview with John Hannam

    During the final ten days before the lockdown, I’d been lucky enough to have pre-arranged five interviews. It was in Guildford on a very wet and miserable March day. Would she be like Raquel in Only Fools And Horses or Mrs Maguire in Grantchester?

  • Sir Ian McKellen: An Interview with John Hannam

    There are some years you just never want to end. In my case, it was 2019. I became the grandfather of twin boys, was privileged to attend a Buckingham Palace Garden Party and had interviewed Dame Judi Dench live on stage, in the presence of the Lord Mayor of London. That honour led me directly to my last major interview of the year — Sir Ian McKellen.

Homes and Gardens

  • What's It All About?

    Plant catalogues can be a bewildering read, particularly for the novice gardener. Never fear – Flo Whitaker’s horticultural translation service is here to help guide you through the marketing jargon

  • Here's Looking At Yew

    Truly ‘yew-nique’; the yew is unlike any other tree. It’s a conifer, yet produces no cones or needle; and it can, potentially, live forever. Some of the world’s oldest yews grow in the British Isles. Flo Whitaker visits an old friend and imagines its life story – so far…

  • Trees For Small Gardens

    Small garden? Reckon you don’t have room for a tree? Think again, says Flo Whitaker. There are trees to suit every location – and now’s the best time to plant one

  • Advertising Feature: Let There Be Light

    Advertising Feature: Combining design expertise with exceptional service, Hailsham-based Hallmark Glazed Extensions specialise in beautiful and bespoke home improvements. Hanna Prince met managing director Marcus FitzGerald to find out more

  • Tree-mendous Cones

    This October Peter Erridge has cast his experienced eye across the local landscape to investigate the humble pine cone, and offers his thoughts on the topic

  • Brilliant Bulbs

    The autumnal days are here, yet a succession of potted indoor bulbs will give your home colour and cheer throughout winter, writes Flo Whitaker

  • Eternal Blooms

    Want your blooms to last forever? Give artificial a go! Sara Whatley looks at the ultra realistic flowers and plants available today

  • Shady Ladies

    Often dismissed as frumpy and boring, some fabulous new varieties have been added to the hydrangea family. Flo Whitaker urges you to take a second look at these long-lived plants that offer much – and ask for little in return

  • Advertising Feature: Createspace Garden Rooms

    Advertising Feature: Whether you need extra room for work, for rest or for play, Createspace Garden Rooms provide the ideal solution for extending your living space, as Lisa de Silva recently discovered

  • Delicious Kitchens

    Thinking of remodelling the kitchen this summer? Read on for some tasty on-trend design and style tips from Sara Whatley

  • Hot Heads

    Is your garden looking tired and dusty? This month, Flo Whitaker recommends plants that revel in summer heat and will keep on looking good until autumn

  • ‘Threatened Plant of the Year 2021’ competition launched

    Plant Heritage calls for garden enthusiasts across the UK to enter competition which celebrates rare and unusual plants.

  • Spindles, Skewers and Toothpicks: The Euonymus genus

    The euonymus genus contains over 150 varieties in the form of shrubs and trees, so there should be one type available to brighten every garden throughout the year

  • Blaze Away! A Look at Fiery Acers

    Versatile and long-lived, no plants give better fiery autumnal colours than acers.

  • Wonderful Workspaces: Setting up a Home Office

    In today’s climate, home offices have never been more desirable. We've got this advice for designing your own stylish workspace

  • Blooming Times: Oh Sow Spinach (and other Autumn Vegetables)

    It’s all go on the veg patch this month. Sow hardy winter greens and plant onions for a tasty crop next year

  • Grate Accessories: Adding to your Fireplace

    September is the perfect time to customise your fireplace with a few stylish design tweaks

  • The Heat is on: Tips for the Colder Months

    As we move into the cooler months, here's our top tips on the safest and most cost efficient ways to stay warm at home

  • Planet-friendly Living: The Positives of the Eco Home

    Beautiful, sustainable and cheap to maintain, it’s no surprise that eco homes are popping up everywhere from city centres to the remote countryside

  • Queen of the Blues: Agapanthus in Late Summer

    Coming in every shade from darkest inky purple to purest white, no summer garden is complete without the extraordinary blooms of agapanthus


  • Advertising Feature: Arden Grange Celebrates 25 Years

    Advertising Feature: Arden Grange, the Sussex-based producer of super-premium dog and cat food, is celebrating 25 years in business and would like to invite Sussex Living readers to join the festivities!

  • Beaver Believers

    The restoration of a small section of the River Adur is soon to become home to a species that hasn’t bred in the UK for over 400 years. Ruth Lawrence has been to learn more about the beaver reintroduction that’s creating ripples across the county

  • Advertising Feature: Flutter By

    Advertising Feature: For a truly unique and magical experience, visit The Butterfly Gardens at Middleton Common Farm, just as Sara Whatley did

  • Keeping The Dream Alive

    For Barry Foulkes, the blood that runs through his veins might conceivably be equine not human, such is his passion for horses, racing and Lewes. Robert Veitch went to meet the man that set up the Lewes Racecourse History Group

  • Nature's Natural Transformers

    Bees are some of Mother Nature’s most important pollinators and our relationship with them goes back for thousands of years. Ruth Lawrence has discovered how the High Weald Beekeepers’ Association at the Horsted Green Park Apiary are working hard to maintain thriving colonies and extend this relationship

  • It's A Dog's Life: Showtime

    This month it’s showtime for young Bear, who is more than happy to be the centre of attention, as Teddy explains through his human translator Helen Stockton

  • It's A Dog's Life: Musings On Gender

    With Bear being the first female pooch in the house of Teddy, this month our favourite Border Terrier muses on all things gender related, with his thoughts translated into human, as they always are, by Helen Stockton

  • It's A Dog's Life: Motorhoming

    With summer in full swing Teddy has been telling his human translator, Helen Stockton, how excited he is getting about the prospect of holidays, extra treats and pampering, made all the more likely as apprentice fur, Bear, recently gained her motorhoming badge

  • Ten Ways to Help Hedgehogs

    To celebrate its 10th birthday, nationwide campaign, Hedgehog Street, is asking members of the public to do 10 things to help hedgehogs throughout 2021. The campaign launched by wildlife charities People’s Trust for Endangered Species (PTES) and the British Hedgehog Preservation Society (BHPS) aims to encourage people to make their gardens more hedgehog friendly, in order to help stop the ongoing decline of Britain’s favourite mammal.

  • It’s a Dog’s Life: Teddy Gets Soaked

    Autumn’s well and truly arrived, and Teddy, along with his interpreter, are steeling themselves for the rainy days to come

  • It's A Dog's Life: Moving House

    ‘Junior Him’ is moving and it’s a busy time for the whole family. Teddy’s on paw though with his own method of stress therapy

  • It's A Dog's Life: Teddy's Haircut

    Things seem to be heading back to a sense of normal for ‘Them Indoors’, but there’s only one thing on Teddy’s mind: getting a decent haircut

  • Natural Living: Hidden Lives of the County

    What may seem to us to be natural waste, could be an invaluable asset for a whole range of garden species and benefit the natural environment.

  • Natural Living: The Sparrowhawk in Sussex

    Sparrowhawks are now fairly common throughout the country and more of us can enjoy the breathtaking sight of these spectacular, small birds of prey.

  • It's a Dog's Life: Teddy in Lockdown

    Teddy may be starting to look like a Wookiee on a bad hair day, but it hasn’t stopped him from staying positive during lockdown. His human interpreter writes his account of life at home and the reality of spending more time with ‘Them Indoors’.

  • Cat of the Week

    Barney and Penny are our Cats of the Week

  • Dog of the Week

    Zara is our Dog of the week

Hidden County