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  • Brighton Festival 2021

    Advertising Feature: Brighton Festival returns with arts outdoors, online and safely back on stage this May! Lemn Sissay photograph © Jamie MacMillian

  • Arlington Bluebell Walk

    The sight of bluebells herald spring and the life enhancing feeling that those warmer, longer days of summer are just around the corner, as Robert Veitch discovered when he visited John McCutchan at Arlington Bluebell Walk

  • Golden Years

    What does an active retirement mean? Adele Trathan discovers that it means very different things to people who enjoy a sense of freedom and fulfilment during their golden years

  • Home Is Where The Heart Is

    Advertising Feature: Many elderly people prefer to stay in their own home, but they can feel isolated and alone. Lisa de Silva spoke to Danielle Hope of Sussex Home Checks about how they help clients in later life remain independent at home, but still enjoy social and practical support

  • A Refuge For Women And Children

    As Refuge turns 50, we asked Charlotte Baker to find out more about the work they do, the people they help, the campaigns they run, and the ongoing fundraising that makes it all possible

  • The University Of Later Life

    No longer in full time work? Just Retired? Audrey Bateman has the opportunity of later life learning and friendship waiting for you at the University of the Third Age

  • An Entrepreneurial Approach To Law With The Jonathan Lea Network

    Advertising Feature: In 2017 Jonathan Lea had ambitions to create a more flexible, bespoke and affordable type of law firm and today this dream is a reality as Peter d’Aguilar discovered recently when he visited Jonathan in his Haywards Heath headquarters

  • Carers In Crisis

    Caring for loved ones can be demanding at the best of times but the additional stress of a pandemic means many carers are suffering with their emotional and physical health as Jane Caley from the Association of Carers explains

  • Siblings United

    As a tentative sense of optimism is beginning to stretch out across the land we asked Ruth Lawrence to explore the past, present, and future, of friendships old and new, and the binding ties generated by Twinning

  • Char Chats Trekking - II

    Charlotte Baker is venturing into the unknown this year and she needs your help in her quest to get to India this October as she fundraises for the charity Refuge. This month, she begins her blog with breaking news...

  • Forest Bathing For Kids

    The idea of slowing down, as a way to tire out the kids may seem an oxymoron, but Hanna Prince has found a way to educate, entertain and enlighten, so grab some wellies and take a walk in the woods

  • Style, Elegance And Perfection With Sussex Stoneworks

    Advertising Feature: Home improvements can come and go, but investing in a stone worktop is something that will last a lifetime. We sent Robert Veitch to visit the new Sussex Stoneworks showroom and learn a little more about the company

  • Safe Advice In Troubled Times

    Advertising Feature: Divorce is difficult at the best of times and even more challenging during a global pandemic, yet Tisshaws in Haywards Heath are prepared for anything as Lisa de Silva discovered recently

  • #Kidneys Matter

    World Kidney Day is on Thursday 11th March 2021, so Robert Veitch delved into a few Kidney facts and information about the day

  • Char Chats Trekking - February

    News journalist Charlotte Baker is venturing into the unknown this year and reaching out far beyond her comfort zone in Sussex; having set herself the challenge of an epic trek in India while fundraising for the charity Refuge

  • What The Average UK House Price Could Get You In Sussex (And Beyond)

    In the UK right now the average house price is estimated at just over £245,000 (as of February 2021). But that figure obviously varies from region to region. So if you're a first-time buyer or looking to move to pastures new, which areas should you be looking at to get the best value for your money?

  • Could You Change A Child's Life?

    Since the Covid-19 pandemic began more people are finding out about becoming a foster carer as Jackie Hoare of West Sussex County Council reports

  • Putting The Pieces Back Together

    When a child loses a family member they were dependent on, it can be a harrowing experience. Yet, a charity that offers grief support to youngsters does exist, as Ruth Lawrence discovered when she visited Jigsaw (South East) in East Grinstead

  • In Need Of Some Respite

    In these difficult times, the role of a carer is more challenging than ever and the need for respite is so important. Adele Trathan explores some of the options available.

  • New Year, New You

    The start of any new year is a chance to reassess our health and look to where we might improve. This year it is more important than ever, as 2021 dawns amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Lisa de Silva explores how we can help ourselves.

Food and Drink

  • Costa Launches Perfect Picnic Picks for Summer — Including New KitKat Muffin

    Costa Coffee, is introducing a selection of delicious sweet and savoury items to its existing menu. Available to purchase from Costa Coffee stores nationwide from Thursday 6th May, these new additions are the perfect choice for any picnic in the park.

  • Recipe: Sourdough Pretzels

    Got into baking sourdough bread during lockdown? Mix it up with this tasty pretzel recipe, from former Great British Bake Off finalist James Morton. Deliciously salty and perfectly chewy, these sourdough pretzels are sure to please.

  • Recipe: Sour Cherry Cheesecake

    A dreamy pudding for a little bank holiday weekend indulgence.

  • You Are What You Eat

    Our health and wellbeing are intrinsically linked to what we eat, so this month Lisa de Silva offers guidance on how we can provide our bodies with the perfect balance of nutrition

  • RECIPE: Lunchbox Lasagnes

    Schools are now open, so we've brought you one of our favourite lunchbox recipes, enjoyed by kids and grown ups — simple Lunchbox Lasagnes!

  • RECIPE: Lemon Fairy Cakes

    These pretty cupcakes have a delicate lemon flavoured sponge with strawberry buttercream icing. They’re ideal for the kids to enjoy at home while the lockdown continues!

  • Recipe for Toasted S'mores Martini

    It's Friday — and while the pubs and restaurants might be shut, we won't be deterred from making the best of it. How about sticking some music on and becoming a mixologist for the evening. We recommend this recipe for Toasted S'mores Martini.

  • Bake Your Own Fortune Cookies to Celebrate the Chinese New Year

    February 12th marks the beginning of the Chinese year of the Ox! Why not celebrate with your family at home, by making and baking your own Fortune Cookies. After all, we could all do with a little luck in 2021!

  • American Pancakes with Bacon, Syrup and Fried Banana

    Traditional pancakes with lemon and sugar are always a winner, but what about something a little different this year? We love thick, fluffy pancakes with fried banana and bacon, drizzled in maple syrup. Sounds so wrong, but we think it's so right!

  • RECIPE: Pork and Cranberry Sausage Rolls

    When it's cold and wet outside, we love to brighten a day stuck indoors with a few home comforts. How about these home-made Pork and Cranberry Sausage Rolls, served fresh from the oven.

  • RECIPE: Chocolate Mug Cake

    Fancy something sweet to eat now the Christmas supply is long gone? There’s no need to wait until your next essential shopping trip, you can make this quick and easy Chocolate Mug Cake with ingredients likely to be in your cupboard already.

  • Haggis, Neeps And Tatty Cakes With Crispy Kale And Poached Duck Egg

    What better way to celebrate Burns Night on Monday 25th January than serving this tasty twist on the traditional Scottish supper

  • Grilled Chicken Buddha Bowl

    One mouthwatering meal which is guaranteed to give you your five a day is a Buddha Bowl. You can make these with anything you like really — the more colourful the better! But here we're making a healthy and flavoursome grilled chicken and rice Buddha Bowl, packed with fruits and vegetables.

  • Cheese And Wine: A Perfect Match

    This is the ideal time of year to really get stuck into the festive cheese boards, paired with just the right wine of course. Peter d’Aguilar gives us a quick lesson

  • A Heartwarming Fruited Saffron Lamb Tagine

    This richly spiced and fruited tagine from North Africa is ideal for feeding large families. Dates, prunes and apricots can be used instead of raisins and cranberries, or in combination. Serve with plain boiled rice, or couscous

  • Spiced Christmas Chutney

    We've gotten pretty good at baking and making over the past year, so we're keeping the momentum going with another festive home recipe.

  • A Recipe for a Traditional Christmas Cake

    With much more time spent at home in the lead up to Christmas this year, why not revisit an old festive tradition — and bake a Christmas cake to share with the family on the big day. Nothing beats it!

  • Gluten Free Carrot Cake

    This gluten free carrot cake recipe by Jane Freeman uses honey in both the cake mix and cream cheese topping. Why not choose locally produced honey as it supports the local producers and reduces food miles

  • Recipe: Toffee Apples

    No Halloween or Bonfire Night party would be complete without some traditional toffee apples. To create these classic sticky and sweet treats, just follow this simple recipe. If you happen to have ‘little helpers’, be careful of the hot sugar, and don’t forget to have a bowl of soapy water nearby!

  • Recipe: Pumpkin Soup

    What better to eat in October than pumpkin soup? Seasonal and delicious, this bright and cheerful vegetable is at its best from October to December. You can have this soup either as an everyday supper, or to jazz it up for Halloween, it’s fun to serve it out of a pumpkin!


  • A Warning From History

    The Booth Museum in Brighton is home to an original presentation of the natural world as one Victorian saw it. Generations later, it’s also a timely reminder that extinction is all around today as Michael Blencowe explains

  • Worried About Your Memory?

    There are over 29,400 people living with dementia in Sussex. Alzheimer’s Society has been supporting any of them, and people across the county who are concerned about their memory, through the pandemic, explains Jacqui Justice-Chrisp (Alzheimer’s Society Area Manager for Sussex)

  • Property Planning For Retirement

    Property, equity and retirement can be a complex topic, so we asked Peter d’Aguilar to shed a little light on some of the options currently available

  • Dealing With Stress

    With an estimated 18 million working days lost to stress each year in the UK, Lisa de Silva explores the effects of stress and offers some tips for minimising and managing its effects

  • If You Ask Me This April...

    This month, Flo Whitaker tries in vain to understand the attractions of Social Media

  • Your Consumer Rights

    The unprecedented times we are experiencing means that more and more people are buying online. So, what are the rules relating to online purchases and how are you protected? Amanda Hamilton of the National Association of Licensed Paralegals (NALP), offers some guidance

  • Leading The Way For Change At The Cottage Hospice

    A pioneering service offers an alternative option for those needing end of life support, as Helen Stockton discovered when she visited the Cottage Hospice

  • Parallel Lines, Ironworks & Lewes : A Century Of Change

    What will the future make of Lewes’s most recent century? John Warburton explores the town in the past 100 years, from its iron industry and railway to its famed bonfire celebrations

  • Choosing A Signature Scent

    Sensual and evocative, fragrance plays a powerful role in our lives. Lisa de Silva explains how nothing can stir senses and memories like fragrance, with its ability to take you back to another time, place or loved one

  • Seeking Financial Advice

    Whether you’re John Maynard Keynes or Mr Micawber, managing your finances is one of life’s unavoidable priorities as Peter d’Aguilar explains

  • Keep Fit With The Kids

    It’s not easy to juggle fitness and childcare – but according to Hanna Prince, by combining the two you can keep everyone happy. Please note this article was written before the current lockdown began. Please exercise safely, according to the regulations at the time.

  • Book Review: Away with the Penguins by Hazel Prior

    A beautiful story about a feisty 86-year-old, desperate to embark on one final great adventure.

  • Mothering Sunday Makes

    There’s nothing more special than a homemade gift, particularly when it comes from someone you love. Make this Mother’s Day a creative one with Hanna Prince’s crafting ideas for all the family

  • TV Drama You'll Want To Watch This Winter

    There's plenty of TV drama to get stuck in to while we're indoors this winter. Here's our list of what's on and when.

  • Book Review: You Should Have Known, By Jean Hanff Korelitz. Now re-made as HBO thriller, The Undoing

    Over Christmas, due to the lack of a Sky subscription and the need to find out what was getting everyone so worked up in the office, I devoured the book behind HBO's latest television thriller, The Undoing.

  • If You Ask Me This January...

    Let's face it - If they ever made 2020 into a feature film, you wouldn't want to buy the DVD. Flo Whitaker's no party animal, but she's never been keener to ring in the New Year

  • Puzzle Page Solutions - January 2021

    Did you have a go at the puzzle page in the January issue of the magazine? Do you want to see how many you got correct? Are you wondering what the frustrating answer was to those that had you flummoxed? Scroll down to see the answers

  • 10 Fun Christmas Films to Get You in the Festive Mood

    Looking forward to Xmas? Get the fire going, pour yourself a glass of egg nog and curl up with these festive favourites...

  • Exceat Walk

    Though daylight hours might be shortening and early frosts might be upon us, there’s still time to explore and enjoy the landscape this November, so we sent Robert Veitch to Exceat and the Cuckmere Valley to marvel at the landscape… and get some exercise.

  • Interactive Puzzles

    You can now enjoy a range of interactive puzzles online! Test your brain with fun equalisers, crosswords, crosscodes and sudoku regularly...


  • May The Force Be With You

    Behind the corporate image of Sussex Police, there’s a very human element to the force. Robert Veitch has delved into a little police history, then brought it up to date in conversation with the recently appointed Chief Constable, Jo Shiner

  • Our Care Is Informed, Compassionate And Individualised

    Dr Geoff Wells has been on placement at St Catherine’s Hospice since October 2020. Here he shares his experiences of working in the local hospice throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • A Day To Remember With Sheridan Smith

    Saturday June 30th, 2012, was a rather special in John Hannam's 47 year career as a showbiz writer and broadcaster. He fondly refers to it as 'my Sheridan Smith day'

  • Sober Rocks - Who Knew?

    Would your life be better physically and emotionally without alcohol? That’s proved to be the case for Janey Lee Grace. Having been concerned about the amount she was drinking, Janey ditched the booze three years ago. She regaled Lisa de Silva her story, along with the joys of living alcohol-free

  • A Journey Into a Magical Mind: Writer and Illustrator Chris Riddell

    We talk to acclaimed children’s author and illustrator Chris Riddell about his inventive imagination, love of the Sussex coast and his eagerness to inspire the next generation of creative youngsters

  • Tara Leniston: From Actress to Autism Advocate

    From a life of movie acting and travelling the world to becoming an autism advocate from her home on the South coast, Tara Leniston gives an honest account of her journey

  • David Calder: An Interview with John Hannam

    We talk to actor David Calder on his love of Sussex and life during lockdown

  • Force of Nature: An Interview with Bob Flowerdew

    Well known for his presence on Radio 4’s Gardeners’ Question Time, Bob Flowerdew speaks to us on the love of his profession, his links to Sussex and his handy gardening tips

  • John 'Boycie' Challies: An Interview with John Hannam

    On a cold January day I headed for Ludlow to meet up with Boycie, that notorious second-hand car dealer from Only Fools and Horses.

  • Tessa Peake-Jones: An Interview with John Hannam

    During the final ten days before the lockdown, I’d been lucky enough to have pre-arranged five interviews. It was in Guildford on a very wet and miserable March day. Would she be like Raquel in Only Fools And Horses or Mrs Maguire in Grantchester?

  • Poetry, Politics, Pearls & Caviar: The Life of an Underrated Sussex Author

    Sussex Living investigates much-neglected Sussex writer Hilaire Belloc, a politician, patriot and polymath on the month of his birth and death

  • Sir Ian McKellen: An Interview with John Hannam

    There are some years you just never want to end. In my case, it was 2019. I became the grandfather of twin boys, was privileged to attend a Buckingham Palace Garden Party and had interviewed Dame Judi Dench live on stage, in the presence of the Lord Mayor of London. That honour led me directly to my last major interview of the year — Sir Ian McKellen.

Homes and Gardens


  • It's A Dog's Life: Clowning Around

    Teddy has a love of clowning around and making people laugh, as explained through his human translator, Helen Stockton

  • A Silver Jubilee For The Friends Of Weir Wood

    It’s 25 years since the Friends of Weir Wood Society was set up to help maintain the Local Nature Reserve on the reservoir and Peter Erridge has been looking into the voluntary work they do for nature conservation

  • The Pet Detective

    A retired Detective Inspector from Sussex is now investigating the rise and rise of pet thefts writes Charlotte Baker

  • It's A Dog's Life: Redecorating

    January may not be an indoor month for everyone, but for Teddy it’s time to contemplate redecoration and the battle for control of the soft furnishings. As usual, his barks and yelps are translated into human by Helen Stockton

  • The RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch 2021

    The UK’s biggest citizen science project has been recording the winners and losers in the garden bird world for over four decades with the help of half a million people, and now the RSPB is counting on Sussex residents to join in too, writes Becca Smith

  • It's A Dog's Life: Changing Times

    As the seasons change, Teddy mulls over the impact on his daily rituals as the clocks fall back an hour. As always Helen Stockton interprets his problems with this time of year

  • It’s a Dog’s Life: Teddy Gets Soaked

    Autumn’s well and truly arrived, and Teddy, along with his interpreter, are steeling themselves for the rainy days to come

  • It's A Dog's Life: Moving House

    ‘Junior Him’ is moving and it’s a busy time for the whole family. Teddy’s on paw though with his own method of stress therapy

  • It's A Dog's Life: Teddy's Haircut

    Things seem to be heading back to a sense of normal for ‘Them Indoors’, but there’s only one thing on Teddy’s mind: getting a decent haircut

  • Natural Living: Hidden Lives of the County

    What may seem to us to be natural waste, could be an invaluable asset for a whole range of garden species and benefit the natural environment.

  • Natural Living: The Sparrowhawk in Sussex

    Sparrowhawks are now fairly common throughout the country and more of us can enjoy the breathtaking sight of these spectacular, small birds of prey.

  • It's a Dog's Life: Teddy in Lockdown

    Teddy may be starting to look like a Wookiee on a bad hair day, but it hasn’t stopped him from staying positive during lockdown. His human interpreter writes his account of life at home and the reality of spending more time with ‘Them Indoors’.

  • Cat of the Week

    Barney and Penny are our Cats of the Week

  • Dog of the Week

    Zara is our Dog of the week

Hidden County