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  • New Year, New You

    The start of any new year is a chance to reassess our health and look to where we might improve. This year it is more important than ever, as 2021 dawns amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Lisa de Silva explores how we can help ourselves.

  • Body Soul

    Mindfulness is the experience of being ‘in the moment’. A practising Buddhist, Suzanne Minnett Lockwood explains to Nicole Tata how being mindful can help.

  • Happy New Year

    The team remains full of enthusiasm in difficult times... We're ready to get 2021 off to a good start.

  • Simply Breathe

    Can something as simple as breathing really improve our mental, emotional and physical wellbeing? Lisa de Silva discovers how conscious breathing is taking the world by storm

  • Edward Johnston And The Letters Of London

    Edward Johnston was a modest man whose work is seen daily by millions of Londoners, yet few are truly aware of his contribution to society. Ruth Lawrence visited his home village of Ditchling, going ‘underground’ to discover more

  • Community Wellbeing at Christmas

    Enriching the quality of our daily lives, community wellbeing is all about building a vibrant and caring community in which we can all thrive and flourish writes Lisa de Silva

  • Five Great Presents for Him this Christmas (and Five for Her)

    Looking for something special for your other half this Christmas? Check out our picks for the festive season, as well as a few for yourself...

  • Homemade Chocolate Truffles

    Chocolate truffles make the perfect homemade gift to give at Christmas, or to enjoy yourself while snuggled up in front of a festive film.

  • Ten Great Bargains You Can Pick Up For Black Friday

    Looking for some great discounts ahead of Black Friday? Amazon are offering deals on a range of products all week until Monday November 30 - here's our picks for you...

  • Be Emotionally Well

    Lisa de Silva concentrates on the definition, importance and benefits of emotional wellbeing, including a precursory self-assessment

  • Winter Skincare For A Beautiful You

    Winter can be hard on skin, with cold winds and the drying effects of central heating leading to a dull and dehydrated complexion. Yet maintaining a healthy glow is possible with a few small changes to your skincare regime writes Lisa de Silva

  • Good Health: A Brief History Of Diabetes

    With approximately 1 in 15 people in the UK living with diabetes, Adele Trathan looks at the history of this complicated condition

  • Dementia: Kind Hearts And The Benefits

    If the coronavirus pandemic and the restrictions that followed have taught us anything, it’s the importance of human contact, writes Ken Oxley

  • Help For The Homeless: Giving Back Crawley

    Giving Back Crawley a local charity that helps those without a permanent home, has had to be flexible this year, adapting rapidly to changing times as Helen Stockton explains

  • Ten Items Great For The Home During Lockdown

    With another lockdown currently upon us, it's not particularly nice having to stay at home all the time. But there's no need to live in discomfort, with plenty of options to enhance your home, especially as winter approaches. Here's our picks to get the perfect set-up...

  • McIndoe, Guinea Pigs and Memories

    The name Sir Archibald McIndoe may well be forever associated with East Grinstead and his pioneering surgery, though the number of people that worked with him grows ever smaller. Bob Marchant, the Secretary of the Guinea Pig Club looks back on his time with the trailblazer

  • A Skip In The Right Direction With KSD

    We all have to deal with waste, it’s a fact of life, but what’s the environmentally friendly way to deal with those things that won’t fit in the kerbside bin? Allan Brown at KSD supplied Robert Veitch with the answers and revealed how easy it is to order a skip online (Advertising Feature)

  • Seeking Legal Advice...

    It can be a daunting but sometimes necessary task finding legal advice, Peter d’Aguilar offers some practical ways to help you find the right professional

  • Ten Great Christmas Presents For the Kids This Year

    Can you believe it's nearly Christmas?! And after the year it's been, it seems like we all deserve a treat. Here's our picks for the best gifts on offer for your children this year...

  • Moving On With John Broomfield

    When the family pig farm was no longer viable, John Broomfield got into his van and trusted his instinct to initiate another venture. We packed up Robert Veitch and sent him to meet the family, to find out more about John Broomfield Removals and what they’re up to now. (Advertising Feature)

Food and Drink

  • Mocktails - Fizz On The Beach

    Super-tasty but alcohol-free – these easy drinks are just the thing for those who are trying to reduce their alcohol intake.

  • Grilled Chicken Buddha Bowl

    One mouthwatering meal which is guaranteed to give you your five a day is a Buddha Bowl. You can make these with anything you like really — the more colourful the better! But here we're making a healthy and flavoursome grilled chicken and rice Buddha Bowl, packed with fruits and vegetables.

  • Seville Orange Marmalade

    Seville and Malaga oranges come into the shops after Christmas and are around for 4-5 weeks, and these bitter oranges are traditionally used for marmalade. If you don’t have time to make it immediately, you can always freeze the whole fruit until you have time

  • Cheese And Wine: A Perfect Match

    This is the ideal time of year to really get stuck into the festive cheese boards, paired with just the right wine of course. Peter d’Aguilar gives us a quick lesson

  • A Heartwarming Fruited Saffron Lamb Tagine

    This richly spiced and fruited tagine from North Africa is ideal for feeding large families. Dates, prunes and apricots can be used instead of raisins and cranberries, or in combination. Serve with plain boiled rice, or couscous

  • Spiced Christmas Chutney

    We've gotten pretty good at baking and making over the past year, so we're keeping the momentum going with another festive home recipe.

  • A Recipe for a Traditional Christmas Cake

    With much more time spent at home in the lead up to Christmas this year, why not revisit an old festive tradition — and bake a Christmas cake to share with the family on the big day. Nothing beats it!

  • Gluten Free Carrot Cake

    This gluten free carrot cake recipe by Jane Freeman uses honey in both the cake mix and cream cheese topping. Why not choose locally produced honey as it supports the local producers and reduces food miles

  • Home Brewed Sloe Gin

    November is just the right time of year to turn freshly picked sloe berries into a delicious batch of Sloe Gin, just in time for those long winter nights, writes Amy Shephard

  • Recipe: Toffee Apples

    No Halloween or Bonfire Night party would be complete without some traditional toffee apples. To create these classic sticky and sweet treats, just follow this simple recipe. If you happen to have ‘little helpers’, be careful of the hot sugar, and don’t forget to have a bowl of soapy water nearby!

  • Recipe: Pumpkin Soup

    What better to eat in October than pumpkin soup? Seasonal and delicious, this bright and cheerful vegetable is at its best from October to December. You can have this soup either as an everyday supper, or to jazz it up for Halloween, it’s fun to serve it out of a pumpkin!

  • Recipe: Crispy Duck Pancakes with Hoisin Sauce

    This warming dish is perfect for autumn nights at home. And it's much easier to make than you might think. Serve with rice and salad, or enjoy on their own

  • Pizza Pinwheels

    Serve up delicious Pizza Pinwheels at home this Firework Night, to remember remember the 5th of November in your own way. We may not be out at our favourite firework displays as usual, but we can certainly put on a spread to enjoy with the family, starting with these delicious bitesize treats. Makes 16 pinwheels Takes 25 mins to cook and prepare

  • Recipe: Bonfire Brookie

    Whether bonfire night goes with a bang as usual, or whether it’s cancelled this year matters less, because 15-year-old Imogen has put a seasonal spin on a recipe to ensure other teenage trainee pâtissier chefs can still celebrate November 5th with some snap, crackle and pop

  • Recipe: Easy Chocolate French Pudding

    Continuing the trend of autumn comfort food, enjoy this heart-warming dessert

  • Recipe: French Style Beef Casserole

    As the darker nights draw in, comfort food is the perfect solution. Here's our recipe for a mouth-watering French style casserole

  • RECIPE: Bacon and Pecan Popcorn

    As autumn draws closer, you might find yourself snuggled up at home with a film more often. And no good movie night can ever be complete without a big bowl of popcorn to tuck in to. Try this mouth-watering recipe for Bacon and Pecan Popcorn, for something a little different.

  • Recipe: Baked Pears with Honey

    Here's a dessert recipe to enjoy; sticky, scrumptious and ever so slightly healthy... perfect for a sunny Autumn day

  • Recipe: Wrapped and Stuffed Tenderloin of Pork

    As the autumn season approaches, enjoy this hearty choice for a family meal

  • Recipe: Chewy Chocolate chip Cookies

    Now the kids are off on the school summer holidays, you might be looking for things to do to keep them entertained. This easy and delicious recipe for Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies is the perfect activity for all ages — and will fill their tummies all afternoon!


  • TV Drama You'll Want To Watch This Winter

    There's plenty of TV drama to get stuck in to while we're indoors this winter. Here's our list of what's on and when.

  • Book Review: You Should Have Known, By Jean Hanff Korelitz. Now re-made as HBO thriller, The Undoing

    Over Christmas, due to the lack of a Sky subscription and the need to find out what was getting everyone so worked up in the office, I devoured the book behind HBO's latest television thriller, The Undoing.

  • If You Ask Me This Janaury...

    Let's face it - If they ever made 2020 into a feature film, you wouldn't want to buy the DVD. Flo Whitaker's no party animal, but she's never been keener to ring in the New Year

  • Keep Fit With The Kids

    It’s not easy to juggle fitness and childcare – but according to Hanna Prince, by combining the two you can keep everyone happy. Please note this article was written before the current lockdown began. Please exercise safely, according to the regulations at the time.

  • Adele's New Year Stretches

    If you suffer from high blood pressure, dizzy spells, pains in your chest or joint problems, if you are on medication or pregnant or have had a baby in the last 6 months, you should seek advice from your doctor before beginning any form of exercise.

  • The Tale of Boxing Day

    Discover the story of Boxing Day (everyone’s favourite day of additional festive fun) and make yours extra special this year

  • Stitch In Time: Christmas Jumpers

    What do you wear over the festive season? A jolly Christmas jumper of course! Go loud or go subtle but whatever you do, make sure you go Christmas fantastic

  • 10 Fun Christmas Films to Get You in the Festive Mood

    Looking forward to Xmas? Get the fire going, pour yourself a glass of egg nog and curl up with these festive favourites...

  • Exceat Walk

    Though daylight hours might be shortening and early frosts might be upon us, there’s still time to explore and enjoy the landscape this November, so we sent Robert Veitch to Exceat and the Cuckmere Valley to marvel at the landscape… and get some exercise.

  • Interactive Puzzles

    You can now enjoy a range of interactive puzzles online! Test your brain with fun equalisers, crosswords, crosscodes and sudoku regularly...

  • Rainy Day Fun

    Want to keep the kids entertained whatever the weather? Hanna Prince offers some suggestions with these family-friendly indoor activities

  • If You Ask Me This November...

    Anxious? Unhappy? Got something on your mind? Talk to a dog - it's cheaper than therapy, writes Flo Whitaker

  • Puzzle Page Solutions - November 2020

    Did you have a go at the puzzle page in our November issue of the magazine? Do you want to see how many you got correct, or are you wondering what the pesky answer was that you couldn't quite figure out?

  • Autumn Walking: High Salvington

    This month, Robert Veitch and his three friends; Cheryl, Ruth and Stephen ventured to the beautiful landscape around High Salvington. Their version of the fantastic four went in search of adventure and they recommend you do the same

  • Puzzle Page Solutions - October 2020

    Here are the answers to the Puzzle Page in the October Issue - how well did you do?

  • Book Review: Whatever It Takes, by Adele Parks

    This one starts with a leaving party. Irritatingly perfect Eloise is leaving the bright lights of the London she loves to move to Dartmouth.

  • Halloween Crafting: Spooktacular Ideas for the Family

    From pom pom pumpkins to homemade outfits, here's how to make this Halloween your most creative one yet

  • 10 Spooky Greats To Watch This Halloween

    With current restrictions in place, it may be more difficult to get out trick and treating with the family this year. So make sure you get on the sofa with the blankets ready to hide behind, and check out these classic shows and films as the haunting hour approaches...

  • 10 Feel-Good Films Perfect For The Colder Weather

    Now's the perfect time to wrap yourself up on the sofa, forget about the darker nights and get stuck into these feel-good classics...

  • 10 TV Dramas You Should Be Watching This Autumn

    Whether they're acclaimed classics or brand new arriving this autumn, these are the shows you need to be viewing (and where you can find them) as the darker nights draw in...


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