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Food and Drink

  • Recipe: Decorated Christmas Biscuits

    Mary Goodsell loves the nostalgic smells of homemade gingerbread biscuits and this is the prefect family-friendly recipe to make at home.

  • Recipe: Fantastic French Onion Soup

    This go-to party dish is a full-of-flavour French classic and a favourite of Mary Goodsell as a perfect prep-ahead dish for the festive season

  • Recipe: Easy Chocolate Truffles

    These chocolate truffles are incredibly straight forward to make, and are an impressive dinner party addition, or purse friendly festive gift.

  • Harissa Chickpea Stew

    We all love some comfort food especially as autumn approaches and Adele Trathan loves this vegetarian stew. The creamy taste of chickpeas contrasting deliciously with the sharper flavours in this dish, make it a family favourite

  • Ever So Easy Beef Bourguignon

    This simple recipe by Adele Trathan virtually cooks itself, but it is deliciously succulent and flavoursome. It’s ideal for a wholesome meal when you don’t want to be slaving over a hot stove

  • These are easiest Chocolate Truffles you'll ever make

    These chocolate truffles are incredibly straight forward to make, and are an impressive dinner party addition, or purse friendly festive gift. This recipe is ideal for providing a perfect homemade Christmas gift .

  • Festive Christmas Pudding Recipe: Stir Up Sunday

    Stir-up Sunday is a Victorian tradition where the family would gather together to stir the Christmas pudding five weeks before Christmas, or the last Sunday before advent begins. This recipe, by Mary Goodsell, is a family favourite which evokes fond nostalgic memories.

  • Fruit Preservation Society – Apples

    Bring a little burst of year-round summer magic to your taste buds with Sara Whatley’s fruit preserving recipe

  • Fruit Preservation Society - Plums

    Bring a little burst of year-round summer magic to your taste buds with Sara Whatley’s fruit preserving recipe

  • Fruit Preservation Society - Blackberries

    Bring a little burst of year-round summer magic to your taste buds with Sara Whatley’s fruit preserving recipe

  • Tea With Christina

    Advertising Feature: There’s something about afternoon tea that defies the ages and passing of time, as Robert Veitch recently found out when he visited Christina’s in Henfield

  • Eton Mess Tray Bake

    The classic twist on the quintessential pavlova gets reimagined once again in this mouth-watering traybake by Adele Trathan. Strawberries are used in this recipe, but you can choose any summer fruits to suit your personal preference

  • American Pancakes

    Forget pricey boxes of batter mix, making your own fluffy stack of mini American pancakes is easier than you think writes Adele Trathan. Top them with one of our top tips and you’ll be the perfect party pancake provider

  • Summer Fruits Pie

    Make the most of summers berries with this delectable recipe by Adele Trathan, perfect with a dollop of fresh cream or ice cream!

  • Cajun Chicken with Quinoa Tabbouleh Recipe

    Perfect for a summer lunch, this dish by Adele Trathan is an explosion of fresh and tasty flavours. Spiced, golden pan-fried chicken complements the zingy quinoa tabbouleh which is bejewelled with pomegranate seeds

  • Seventh Heaven At The Eight Bells

    Advertising Feature: Think of all the things that contribute to a traditional British pub, add welcoming landlords, put them amongst picture postcard scenery, and as Helen Stockton discovered, you have the Eight Bells in Hawkhurst

  • Perfect Pulled Pork Recipe

    This delicious recipe is ideal for al fresco summer parties and it’s certain to get the guests chatting; Adele Trathan recommends serving in soft bread rolls, accompanied with barbecue sauce and crunchy coleslaw

  • Discover Delights At The Queens Head

    Advertising Feature: If you’re looking for the quintessential English country pub, with great food and friendly owners, then head for Sedlescombe and The Queens Head, as Helen Stockton discovered on a recent lunchtime visit


  • Time To Tee Off

    Advertising Feature: Discover a beautiful golf course, good food, stunning views and a warm welcome at Cuckfield Golf Centre, as Sara Whatley did when she dropped in for a chat

  • Love Your Local Library

    With access to more than you can imagine, you can expect the unexpected from your local library writes Jo Steele from the West Sussex Library Service

  • The Positive Power Of Reading

    If you enjoy reading and would like to help combat loneliness in your community, there is a new befriending service in East Sussex which could use your help writes Laura Hughes

  • Bringing Dreams To Life

    In 2008, aged 11 years old, Taylor Mitchell from Crowborough, son of Taylor-Made Dreams CEO Suzi Mitchell, was diagnosed with a terminal condition that changed his and his family’s lives forever, as Adele Trathan discovered

  • Robertsbridge And Bodiam Walk

    We like at least one epic walk each summer so we sent Robert Veitch on a Rother Valley ramble, full of rivers, railways and resplendent scenery. It’s a grand walk that makes for a grand day out, so pack your knapsack, grab a coffee and head for Robertsbridge

  • Starstruck

    If you can remember ‘twinkle twinkle little star’ from childhood, looking up at the sky at night with a sense of awe and wonder then that sense of being starstruck will always be there, as Robert Veitch discovered when his lucky star led him to an expert

  • School's Out

    Put family fun at the top of your August to do list, and take some inspiration from Sara Whatley’s family fun day ideas

  • The Rise Of The Repair Cafe

    Recent years have seen a resurgence to restore and repair rather than replace, Peter d’Aguilar spoke to Bryan McAlley, founder of Chailey Repair Café about this thriving initiative that brings communities together

  • Wild Coasts

    Give your next family trip to the beach a nature-centric twist. Hanna Lindon picks out some of the best nature reserves and wild sites along the Sussex coast

  • Glynde And Firle Walk

    High summer is with us so we sent Robert Veitch to one of the highest points of the county, for a walk with two starting points; one high and one low. His friends Cheryl and Jo provided the company, the wit and the good looks, while all three enjoyed the superb scenery

  • Water, Water Everywhere: With The Ouse and Adur Rivers Trust

    The award-winning charity, The Ouse and Adur Rivers Trust, protect and restore the catchment area along these two great rivers, as Ruth Lawrence discovered recently, in conversation with charity director, Peter King

  • Summer Skin Expertise

    Keeping our skin safe and healthy in the summer sun is a must, as Sara Whatley finds out from a skincare expert

  • Plug In Baby And Exercise

    Are you switched on to exercising in your own way, in your own time and in the environment you choose? The answer is fitness apps and tech. Sara Whatley finds out more

  • Who's Who At The Wedding...

    Keen to know the history of your bridal party, of who does what and how they came to do it? Sara Whatley discovers the evolution of wedding personnel

  • 10 Spooky Greats To Watch This Halloween

    With current restrictions in place, it may be more difficult to get out trick and treating with the family this year. So make sure you get on the sofa with the blankets ready to hide behind, and check out these classic shows and films as the haunting hour approaches...

  • BOOK REVIEW: The Cows, by Dawn O’Porter

    Although this book is ostensibly light reading about three women in their thirties, it’s really about the power of social media and the devastating effect one brief clip on YouTube can have on someone’s life.


  • Interview with Jake Messham, Wall Of Death Rider


    If you're lucky enough to witness a Wall of Death show you'll know the intoxicating mixture of wonder and terror as heart-stopping stunts are performed under your nose. Sara Whatley met with Jake Messham, a star rider and motorcycle trickster.

  • Dr Shirley Clarke – High Achiever

    Dr Shirley Clarke is an international expert in formative assessment, empowering children to be confident learners who know how to learn. She also happens to be Sara Whatley’s auntie…

  • Getting The Best Result With Tisshaws

    Advertising Feature: As Tisshaws enter their second decade, Lisa de Silva chats to Gilva Tisshaw to discover why this family law firm is held in such high esteem

  • Helen Fields – Page Turner

    Bestselling crime writer and former criminal barrister, Helen Fields talks to Sara Whatley about the psychology of evil, Scottish folklore and life in Arundel

  • En Garde!

    Fifteen-year-old fencing champion from Haywards Heath, Keira Donnelly-Sallows puts down her weapon for a brief chat with Sara Whatley

  • Spotlessly Clean With Sarah Lacey

    Advertising Feature: Offering everything from bespoke cleaning to seamstress services, Lisa de Silva has been to meet Sarah Lacey as she celebrates her 15th anniversary in the family business that’s been running since Victorian times

Homes and Gardens

  • A cosy country home at Christmas you need to see inside

    As Christmas approaches, Sarah Reed pulls out all the stops to add a cosseting festive layer to every room in her atmospheric Georgian home

  • Indoor Gardening

    This winter, garden and nature enthusiasts can bring the outdoors inside with a terrarium. Learn how to make your own with Sara Whatley, and add a delightful addition to your home

  • Small but perfectly formed: Here's a home we really love

    With a background in interior PR and dog accessory online store, Helen Smith has a keen eye for design and detail. She was living in a six-bedroom country house set in five acres near Burwash, East Sussex, with husband Nick, and children Oscar and Isabella when she turned her attention to finding a town house in nearby Rye.

  • Bonkers For Conkers

    Playground battles, world championships, a Balkan immigrant and a sport invented on the Isle of Wight; Robert Veitch looks into a few links to the horse chestnut tree

  • Plant SOS!

    If the recent drought reduced your garden to a dustbowl of dead twigs, don’t panic, says Flo Whitaker. All is (probably) not lost...

  • Autumn Splendour

    Summer's on the run – but there's still plenty of colour to be had in the garden. Flo Whitaker chooses six of the best shrubs for autumn

  • Stop Digging The Dirt

    There’s a secret universe right underneath our feet. Welcome to the magical, wonderful world of soil, writes Flo Whitaker

  • Stay Cool

    Al fresco living is what summer is all about, or dining all’aperto (in the open air), as the Italians say. Sara Whatley discovers some al fresco tips and tricks

  • Hypnotic Blooms

    Sultry and captivating; lilies have graced our homes and gardens since ancient times, writes Flo Whitaker

  • Through The Garden Wall

    Are you a wall, fence or hedge kind of person? Sara Whatley looks at different boundary options for our gardens

  • Blooming Times: Shady Characters

    Got a shady garden? Assume you can’t grow anything interesting? Not so, says Flo Whitaker. Many plants prefer life in the shade

  • Thumbs Up For Summer

    Advertising Feature: Keeping a lawn in pristine condition can be a challenge so Ruth Lawrence has been to meet the Henfield and Lewes based branches of GreenThumb to discover how they can help keep your lawn looking perfect all year round, whatever the weather

  • Round And Round The Garden

    For keen gardeners and garden lovers everywhere, open gardens are a welcome event in the summer calendar. Visit one this season and support local charities too, says Sara Whatley

  • Salvias For Summer And Beyond

    If you’re looking for easygoing, heat-tolerant plants with a long-flowering season, (and who isn’t?) you can do no better than salvias, writes Flo Whitaker


  • It's a Dog's Life: Other Cultures...

    As Halloween approaches, Teddy has been pondering the influence of other cultures upon our own. Told as ever by ‘Her Indoors’, the chief provider of treats, Helen Stockton

  • Hudson's Heritage

    William Henry Hudson may have faded from prominence, but on the centenary of his death, Professor Clive Webb from the University of Sussex reveals Hudson’s life and work still offer value and relevance to the Sussex landscape today

  • Fly by Night

    Sussex is the only county in which all eighteen UK species of bat have been recorded, so we asked Ruth Lawrence to meet with Tony Hutson of the Sussex Bat Group to discover more about these elusive mammals, why they are important and how they contribute to the wider environment

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