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How to Repair and Restore Damaged Family Heirlooms

Family heirlooms often have sentimental value and it can be heartbreaking when they become damaged or show signs of wear and tear. But have no fear — as the much-loved experts on The Repair Shop and Repair Cafes popping up around Sussex have shown us, many heirlooms can be restored to their former glory. Porcelain with cracked glaze or chipped edges, wood with breaks and gouges, jewellery missing stones and watches with damaged dials: all may benefit from sensitive restoration. Follow these tips to clean, stabilise, repair and refurbish your treasured antique possessions to give them a new lea

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Assess the damage

The first step is to thoroughly examine the damaged heirloom and identify precisely what needs repair. Look at it closely under good lighting and determine exactly what is broken, cracked, torn or missing. Is it a leg that has broken off a piece of furniture? Perhaps there is a gouge in a wooden surface or a tear in a painting's canvas. If a ceramic item is chipped or broken, do you have the pieces? 

If you have very valuable or delicate items where unique parts are required, such as timepieces, it may be well worth considering whether a professional restorer should be consulted, to assess the damage. An expert may spot details you miss and advise if the item can be restored cost-effectively or not. By carefully identifying all the damage, you will know what needs to be repaired and can come up with a plan to tackle it. 

Clean and stabilise the item

Before carrying out repairs, it's advisable to gently clean the heirloom to remove any dirt, dust or grime that may have built up over the years. Use the gentlest cleaning method suitable for the material, such as mild soap and water for sturdier items, or professional cleaning solutions for more delicate pieces. Soft brushes, microfibre cloths and toothpicks can help dislodge debris from carved details or intricate metal work without causing scratches.

This will enable you to see the item's true surface and make it easier to match any replacement parts. Stabilise delicate materials by repairing any minor damage like small tears or dents, to prevent it worsening during the restoration process. Wood can be stabilised by applying a thin layer of glue over loose veneer or gilding, while loose gems or beads may need resetting to hold them firmly in place. Taking these stabilising steps before major restoration work begins will help protect the heirloom from further deterioration.

Fix broken parts

For family treasures made of materials like porcelain, wood or ceramic that have parts broken off, strong adhesives can often be used to reattach the damaged sections. When gluing broken porcelain, use specialist repair glue and ensure the edges align precisely. Heavy objects like furniture may need clamps, wires or braces to hold the broken sections together firmly while the adhesive sets. 

If the broken area will be visible, use adhesive sparingly and wipe away any excess squeeze-out to avoid messy edges. Wood glue, such as polyvinyl acetate, works well for most cracks and breaks in antique wooden items. Just be sure to glue any dowels, screws or joiners used to align the broken wood edges while the main adhesive sets. Allow plenty of drying time before stressing the repaired joint. With care and patience, strong adhesives can make damaged heirloom parts structurally sound once again.

Replace missing pieces

When parts of an heirloom are missing entirely, such as a leg on a chair or a piece of a porcelain figurine, you may need to have replacement pieces made. For items made of wood, ceramic or glass, consider consulting a professional restorer to recreate the missing elements. Damaged sections can often be modelled precisely in clay or silicone, and then cast using the original material. Resins that mimic wood, porcelain or natural materials are another option. 

For metal elements, a skilled metalworker may be able to forge replacements. If missing pieces are relatively simple shapes, services that provide 3D printing in various materials can recreate them identically. Matching the texture and colour of the original material takes finesse but most repairs can blend in well if they’re carried out sympathetically. Take your time finding a fabricator who can do justice to the artistry of the original work. Though recreating missing sections can be costly, depending on how intricate the piece required is, it may be worthwhile for keeping treasured heirlooms intact.

Restore embellishments

Heirlooms like antique jewellery boxes, silverware or framed artwork often feature decorative embellishments that may need replacement over the years as pieces go missing. For any jewels, beads, mother-of-pearl inlays or other decorative accents that have been lost, try to find replacement pieces that closely match the originals. A vintage or antique jewellery shop can help you source stones in old-fashioned cuts and settings that you might not be able to find as easily. 

If you need large quantities of beads for embellishing clothing, curtains or jewellery, bring a sample bead to a craft shop and have the staff help you find an identical match. For very valuable heirlooms, working with a professional jeweller to replace missing gems is best. If all the beads on a necklace or brooch are intact but discoloured, consider removing and replacing them all for an evenly refreshed look. Take care not to damage existing decorations when replacing missing embellishments.


Restoring damaged family heirlooms can seem daunting, but with care and patience, you can often bring cherished items back to life. With a thoughtful approach and professional guidance when necessary, even badly damaged heirlooms can be restored surprisingly well. Though you may still see signs of repair if you look closely, the item will regain its structure, function and charm. The effort invested adds another layer of meaning and memory to family treasures, which can then continue to be enjoyed for generations to come. 


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