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Homes and Gardens

  • Autumn Splendour

    Summer's on the run – but there's still plenty of colour to be had in the garden. Flo Whitaker chooses six of the best shrubs for autumn

  • Stop Digging The Dirt

    There’s a secret universe right underneath our feet. Welcome to the magical, wonderful world of soil, writes Flo Whitaker

  • Stay Cool

    Al fresco living is what summer is all about, or dining all’aperto (in the open air), as the Italians say. Sara Whatley discovers some al fresco tips and tricks

  • Hypnotic Blooms

    Sultry and captivating; lilies have graced our homes and gardens since ancient times, writes Flo Whitaker

  • Through The Garden Wall

    Are you a wall, fence or hedge kind of person? Sara Whatley looks at different boundary options for our gardens

  • Blooming Times: Shady Characters

    Got a shady garden? Assume you can’t grow anything interesting? Not so, says Flo Whitaker. Many plants prefer life in the shade

  • Thumbs Up For Summer

    Advertising Feature: Keeping a lawn in pristine condition can be a challenge so Ruth Lawrence has been to meet the Henfield and Lewes based branches of GreenThumb to discover how they can help keep your lawn looking perfect all year round, whatever the weather

  • Round And Round The Garden

    For keen gardeners and garden lovers everywhere, open gardens are a welcome event in the summer calendar. Visit one this season and support local charities too, says Sara Whatley

  • Salvias For Summer And Beyond

    If you’re looking for easygoing, heat-tolerant plants with a long-flowering season, (and who isn’t?) you can do no better than salvias, writes Flo Whitaker

  • The Loveliest Of Trees

    Ornamental cherry trees have the curious ability to hide themselves in plain sight. We scarcely notice them for much of the year, but they’re currently putting on some breathtaking displays, observes Flo Whitaker

  • At Home In A White Hut

    Advertising Feature: Ruth Lawrence recently ventured to Cooksbridge to discover how the White Hut Company has garnered a well-earned reputation for creating beautiful, bespoke shepherd’s huts with all the comforts of home