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Homes and Gardens

  • Blooming Times - Feed The Birds

    Gardening to help sustain our garden birds isn’t just a philanthropic gesture. It’s immensely beneficial to the health and biodiversity of your garden - and also to the wider environment, writes Flo Whitaker

  • ‘Threatened Plant of the Year 2021’ competition launched

    Plant Heritage calls for garden enthusiasts across the UK to enter competition which celebrates rare and unusual plants.

  • A Walk Across The Rooftops

    Most people don’t spare a thought for their chimney, how it came to be, how it came to work and how it might have been cleaned in years past. We asked Robert Veitch to smoke out a little history, and to make it interesting. You be the judge.

  • The Taste Of Summer

    Nothing says ‘summer’ more than home- picked fruit. Raspberries are easy to grow - and now’s the perfect time to plant them, writes Flo Whitaker

  • Naturally Cosy

    January doesn’t have to be gloomy after the Christmas decorations come down, it can be the ideal time to revamp the home as Adele Trathan explains

  • Work That Spare Room!

    Do you have a spare room that’s a bit, well, spare? Lucky you, because there are many new ways you can make good use of extra space in your home

  • Hanging With Holly

    There’s a lot more to holly than spiky green leaves and a few red berries, so it’s over to Peter Erridge to explain all things historical and all things prickly

  • Be Prepared

    Flooding in Sussex twenty years ago has made Robin Stevenson reflect on the importance of preparing for the worst-case scenario

  • Watt The Heck: Light Up Your Festive Season

    As the first frosts of winter bring a chill to the darkness, Robert Veitch takes a look at some ways to bring a little light into your life this season

  • Beautiful Berried Treasure

    A selection of berried shrubs will bring colour to your garden during the dreariest time of year, writes Flo Whitaker

  • Hunker Down And Hibernate This Autumn

    Colder weather and longer nights make Adele Trathan long to cosy up at home and shut the world away. Some animals don’t have quite the same luxury and must hibernate during winter. Adele suggests some ways we can help these creatures survive, to emerge again in the spring

  • Spindles, Skewers and Toothpicks: The Euonymus genus

    The euonymus genus contains over 150 varieties in the form of shrubs and trees, so there should be one type available to brighten every garden throughout the year

  • Blaze Away! A Look at Fiery Acers

    Versatile and long-lived, no plants give better fiery autumnal colours than acers.

  • Wonderful Workspaces: Setting up a Home Office

    In today’s climate, home offices have never been more desirable. We've got this advice for designing your own stylish workspace

  • Blooming Times: Oh Sow Spinach (and other Autumn Vegetables)

    It’s all go on the veg patch this month. Sow hardy winter greens and plant onions for a tasty crop next year

  • Grate Accessories: Adding to your Fireplace

    September is the perfect time to customise your fireplace with a few stylish design tweaks

  • The Heat is on: Tips for the Colder Months

    As we move into the cooler months, here's our top tips on the safest and most cost efficient ways to stay warm at home

  • Planet-friendly Living: The Positives of the Eco Home

    Beautiful, sustainable and cheap to maintain, it’s no surprise that eco homes are popping up everywhere from city centres to the remote countryside

  • Queen of the Blues: Agapanthus in Late Summer

    Coming in every shade from darkest inky purple to purest white, no summer garden is complete without the extraordinary blooms of agapanthus

  • Dressing Up: Getting the Perfect Window Display For Your Home

    The right window dressing can transform the look and feel of a room without the need for a complete interior revamp. Take inspiration from the latest trends to redesign your window space

  • Blooming Times: The Beauty of Lavender

    Some plants manage to look good in any setting. Whether your garden has a traditional or contemporary design, be sure to include some lavender

  • Let There Be Light: Finding you the Perfect Light-Filled Space

    Bring some sunlight into your home with our complete guide to conservatories, orangeries and bi-fold doors

  • Orchids and Mrs Mugridge: A Wander up a Sussex Beauty Spot

    The sight of wild orchids in their natural environment can be an uplifting experience, so we spoke to Mrs Mugridge, who’s been orchid spotting on the South Downs for as long as she can remember

  • Caring for Houseplants

    Were you gifted a houseplant at Christmas? Wondering what to do with it now? Hippeastrum (amaryllis) are extraordinary plants. Their huge bulbs can develop flowering spikes 60cms tall within six weeks. They are often sold as a kit, complete with flowerpot and compost.

  • The Dirt on Hedges

    Hedging is an important feature in many domestic and agricultural settings, designating boundary, providing habitat for wildlife and privacy for humans, and actually being a thing of beauty. Peter Erridge tells us more

  • Your Guide to Maximising Your Sale

    Steaming coffee and the aroma of freshly baked bread does not guarantee a sale, considering that the majority of buyers will view several properties, every little bit counts to help your's fall top of the shortlist.