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Homes and Gardens

  • Is open-plan living really the best way? Our Editor explores the pros and cons

    Open plan design in our living spaces has long been heralded as the solution to family harmony, but as heating costs rise and families grow and change, Adele Trathan questions whether wall-less really is best

  • Indoor Gardening

    This winter, garden and nature enthusiasts can bring the outdoors inside with a terrarium. Learn how to make your own with Sara Whatley, and add a delightful addition to your home

  • Bonkers For Conkers

    Playground battles, world championships, a Balkan immigrant and a sport invented on the Isle of Wight; Robert Veitch looks into a few links to the horse chestnut tree

  • Plant SOS!

    If the recent drought reduced your garden to a dustbowl of dead twigs, don’t panic, says Flo Whitaker. All is (probably) not lost...

  • Autumn Splendour

    Summer's on the run – but there's still plenty of colour to be had in the garden. Flo Whitaker chooses six of the best shrubs for autumn

  • Stop Digging The Dirt

    There’s a secret universe right underneath our feet. Welcome to the magical, wonderful world of soil, writes Flo Whitaker

  • Salvias For Summer And Beyond

    If you’re looking for easygoing, heat-tolerant plants with a long-flowering season, (and who isn’t?) you can do no better than salvias, writes Flo Whitaker