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  • Interview with Jake Messham, Wall Of Death Rider


    If you're lucky enough to witness a Wall of Death show you'll know the intoxicating mixture of wonder and terror as heart-stopping stunts are performed under your nose. Sara Whatley met with Jake Messham, a star rider and motorcycle trickster.

  • Dr Shirley Clarke – High Achiever

    Dr Shirley Clarke is an international expert in formative assessment, empowering children to be confident learners who know how to learn. She also happens to be Sara Whatley’s auntie…

  • Getting The Best Result With Tisshaws

    Advertising Feature: As Tisshaws enter their second decade, Lisa de Silva chats to Gilva Tisshaw to discover why this family law firm is held in such high esteem

  • Helen Fields – Page Turner

    Bestselling crime writer and former criminal barrister, Helen Fields talks to Sara Whatley about the psychology of evil, Scottish folklore and life in Arundel

  • En Garde!

    Fifteen-year-old fencing champion from Haywards Heath, Keira Donnelly-Sallows puts down her weapon for a brief chat with Sara Whatley

  • Spotlessly Clean With Sarah Lacey

    Advertising Feature: Offering everything from bespoke cleaning to seamstress services, Lisa de Silva has been to meet Sarah Lacey as she celebrates her 15th anniversary in the family business that’s been running since Victorian times