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  • The Birders Of Henfield

    The observation of birds can be a pleasant way to enhance a day out as well as a way to help conservation across the landscape as Ruth Lawrence discovered recently when she went to meet members of the nationally acclaimed Henfield Birdwatch

  • A Nest Egg For Feathered Friends

    Did you know that different birds seek out different homes, and that it’s all about location, location, location when it comes to putting up a nest box? Becca Smith from the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds explains more

  • Paws For Thought

    Advertising Feature: One of the most heartening aspects about Paws on Track in Haywards Heath is the passion that emanates from the owner, Jacqui Wingfield, so we sent Helen Stockton along for a chat and to check out the doggy treats

  • An Admirable Folly For Wildlife

    When wildlife is in need of urgent medical attention or rehabilitation there are a handful of charities across Sussex in a position to help; so we sent Peter d’Aguilar to meet one of them, at Folly Wildlife Rescue Trust near Eridge

  • It's A Dog's Life – The Passage Of Time

    Teddy has been contemplating the passage of time, and has noticed the chapters of life are flashing by, so he’s making the case for slowing down, living in the moment and enjoying the shortest month of the year; yipped and yapped as ever via the pen of Helen Stockton

  • Arden Grange Celebrates 25 Years

    Advertising Feature: Arden Grange, the Sussex-based producer of super-premium dog and cat food, is celebrating 25 years in business and would like to invite Sussex Living readers to join the festivities!

  • Ten Ways to Help Hedgehogs

    To celebrate its 10th birthday, nationwide campaign, Hedgehog Street, is asking members of the public to do 10 things to help hedgehogs throughout 2021. The campaign launched by wildlife charities People’s Trust for Endangered Species (PTES) and the British Hedgehog Preservation Society (BHPS) aims to encourage people to make their gardens more hedgehog friendly, in order to help stop the ongoing decline of Britain’s favourite mammal.

  • It’s a Dog’s Life: Teddy Gets Soaked

    Autumn’s well and truly arrived, and Teddy, along with his interpreter, are steeling themselves for the rainy days to come

  • It's A Dog's Life: Moving House

    ‘Junior Him’ is moving and it’s a busy time for the whole family. Teddy’s on paw though with his own method of stress therapy

  • It's A Dog's Life: Teddy's Haircut

    Things seem to be heading back to a sense of normal for ‘Them Indoors’, but there’s only one thing on Teddy’s mind: getting a decent haircut

  • Natural Living: Hidden Lives of the County

    What may seem to us to be natural waste, could be an invaluable asset for a whole range of garden species and benefit the natural environment.

  • Natural Living: The Sparrowhawk in Sussex

    Sparrowhawks are now fairly common throughout the country and more of us can enjoy the breathtaking sight of these spectacular, small birds of prey.

  • It's a Dog's Life: Teddy in Lockdown

    Teddy may be starting to look like a Wookiee on a bad hair day, but it hasn’t stopped him from staying positive during lockdown. His human interpreter writes his account of life at home and the reality of spending more time with ‘Them Indoors’.

  • Cat of the Week

    Barney and Penny are our Cats of the Week

  • Dog of the Week

    Zara is our Dog of the week