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  • The Pet Detective

    A retired Detective Inspector from Sussex is now investigating the rise and rise of pet thefts writes Charlotte Baker

  • Birds, Trees, Flowers and Bees

    The air is beginning to buzz with the sounds of nature; sweet bird song and awakening insects flying among the wildflowers. Let’s celebrate the season with Tim Webb from the RSPB

  • Duck Tales

    Mandarin ducks are thought to be some of the most beautiful birds in the world with their striking plumage and distinctive orange sails. Peter Erridge tells us where to spot them this spring

  • It's A Dog's Life: Redecorating

    January may not be an indoor month for everyone, but for Teddy it’s time to contemplate redecoration and the battle for control of the soft furnishings. As usual, his barks and yelps are translated into human by Helen Stockton

  • The RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch 2021

    The UK’s biggest citizen science project has been recording the winners and losers in the garden bird world for over four decades with the help of half a million people, and now the RSPB is counting on Sussex residents to join in too, writes Becca Smith

  • It's A Dog's Life: Changing Times

    As the seasons change, Teddy mulls over the impact on his daily rituals as the clocks fall back an hour. As always Helen Stockton interprets his problems with this time of year

  • It’s a Dog’s Life: Teddy Gets Soaked

    Autumn’s well and truly arrived, and Teddy, along with his interpreter, are steeling themselves for the rainy days to come

  • It's A Dog's Life: Moving House

    ‘Junior Him’ is moving and it’s a busy time for the whole family. Teddy’s on paw though with his own method of stress therapy

  • It's A Dog's Life: Teddy's Haircut

    Things seem to be heading back to a sense of normal for ‘Them Indoors’, but there’s only one thing on Teddy’s mind: getting a decent haircut

  • Natural Living: Hidden Lives of the County

    What may seem to us to be natural waste, could be an invaluable asset for a whole range of garden species and benefit the natural environment.

  • Natural Living: The Sparrowhawk in Sussex

    Sparrowhawks are now fairly common throughout the country and more of us can enjoy the breathtaking sight of these spectacular, small birds of prey.

  • It's a Dog's Life: Teddy in Lockdown

    Teddy may be starting to look like a Wookiee on a bad hair day, but it hasn’t stopped him from staying positive during lockdown. His human interpreter writes his account of life at home and the reality of spending more time with ‘Them Indoors’.

  • Cat of the Week

    Barney and Penny are our Cats of the Week

  • Dog of the Week

    Zara is our Dog of the week