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Sound Advice From Sussex Audiology

Advertising Feature: Most of us take good hearing for granted, but what are the options when the quality of our hearing begins to decline? We sent Robert Veitch to learn more from the experts at the Sussex Audiology Centre in Hove

Marvin Gaye may have heard it through the grapevine, but it’s far better to hear it first hand and at each of the three Sussex Audiology Centres, you’ll be hearing it from an expert in their field.

The first Sussex Audiology Centre was set up in 1996 by the leading Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) Surgeon, Mr Bob Tranter who was keen to use his expertise in a broader environment. Since retiring in 2015, it’s been his son, Ben, at the helm of the business.

During the last year, Cathy Colclough, Phil Cornwell, Sam Dungate and Dominque Lipscombe have all been recruited to join Ben, Rosanne Westcott, Lauren Willis and Elli Parrish in a growing team. Each brings a wealth of knowledge and experience, having worked in the industry and across the county. Sussex Audiology is proud of its very experienced team.

Sussex Audiology have three clinics across south central Sussex, in Haywards Heath, Hove and Goring-by-Sea and also offer a Domicillary service with Dominique. Clients come from across the region to utilise the expertise the Sussex Audiology team have to offer.

Each clinic offers the same comprehensive service, specialising in hearing tests, micro-suction, and the expert fitting of hearing aids, with a full aftercare service. Those that can’t get to a clinic shouldn’t fear, as a home visiting service is also available.

Ben told me Sussex Audiology is an independent company and he was keen to point out, “We always recommend what’s best for the client, because we are unbiased and have no commercial links to manufacturers.” He told me the driving force behind better hearing aids has been improvements in technology and the willingness of the public to come forward and get their hearing tested.

Phil said, “Those bulky hearing aids people might remember from the past have been superseded by smaller, better, modern products.” Sam added, “The stigma around hearing aids should really be a thing of the past. Modern hearing aids are small and discreet, they’re also rechargeable and offer connectivity to the television, the telephone, the doorbell and other devices.”

Phil explained hearing loss can happen at any time of life. It can also be hereditary, directly from one generation to the next, or in the form of a recessive gene from a grandparent to a grandchild. He revealed there is also some correlation between hearing loss and dementia. “Retaining a good level of hearing keeps the brain switched on and sharp, promoting better memory and balance, as well as helping to keep an individual engaged with those around them.”

It seems obvious once you know, but as Sam made clear, “Often the individual whose hearing is starting to fail isn’t the first to notice. It’s those around them that can often notice… a louder television or radio, being asked to ‘speak up’, becoming disengaged at social events.” He suggested the sooner a hearing test takes place, the greater the chance of rectifying any problems.

Hearing assessments are free at any Sussex Audiology clinic and involve a visual inspection from a consultant, a hearing test with the latest diagnostic equipment and then full analysis of the results, provided with accurate and relevant advice.

Sometimes the hearing of an individual is absolutely fine but a build up of wax in the auditory canal has created problems. The Sussex Audiology experts were keen to assert the fact that sometimes the worst thing a person can do is use a cotton bud to clean their ears, because the bud might push the wax up against the eardrum rather than removing it. But do not fear because Sussex Audiology Clinics offer micro-suction. “We believe we’re the only clinic in Sussex that offers this service,” noted Ben, who was also keen to tell me that wax is naturally occurring and is actually good for the ear. It catches dust, lubricates the ear, kills bacteria and protects the eardrum. It also naturally drains out of the ear.

Good hearing may be taken for granted by most of us, but we may also be unaware if the quality of our hearing starts to deteriorate. If the ease of communication with other people starts to become harder, it may lead to early forms of social isolation and make it a more demanding task to maintain relationships. The impact on families, friends and colleagues shouldn’t be ignored. When it comes to good hearing and a good patient journey, then it’s best to listen to the expert advice available at a Sussex Audiology Centre.

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