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Should you adopt a pet in 2023?

Adopting a dog, cat or small furry can bring huge amounts of joy into your life, your family’s life, and the life of your new pet, says Sara Whatley

Is something missing from your home? A woof, a meow or even a squeak perhaps? Visiting an animal rehoming centre might give you just the companion you or your family needs.

Animal rehoming centres are full of love and hope for the animals in their care, who are all waiting to find their new forever homes. Most of the animals in these places are not babies – puppies or kittens for example – but are more mature animals already with their own unique personalities. They are waiting to bond with you and show you how much love and affection they have to share.

adopt a pet in 2023

Bringing a new pet into your home can bring a whole new sense of purpose to life. There is someone else who needs caring for; feeding at regular times, walking, and grooming. And in return you will receive a whole lot of love from them.

Dogs in particular thrive in a caring atmosphere with boundaries, routine, regular feeding times and walks. Then of course the evening snuggles on the sofa (if you chose to let them jump up!) are a huge reward for giving them the home and life they deserve. Not to mention the love and excitement they give to their owner ever time you come through the door or into the room!

Many dog owners thoroughly enjoy the walking aspect. Having a dog makes you get out in all weathers, every day throughout the year. Warm summer strolls are always a pleasure, but equally a blustery day can clear away the cobwebs and a frosty or snowy walk brings it’s own special beauty. It’s a chance to get out in nature and appreciate it through all the seasons and can help keep you fit and healthy. Your dog will appreciate it too.  

adopt a pet in 2023

Cats a more independent creatures who are happy having a secret life away from prying eyes, but they still have a lot of love and affection to give. The tail in the air to welcome you home, the purring weave in and out your legs as you put their food down, and of course some love to curl on your lap and cuddle up.

All animals deserve a loving home, and when you get to know that special animal so well that you understand all their noises, looks and gestures it’s a heart warming bond. Companionship, loyalty and love await you with your new forever friend.