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Seven New Snacks To Try – From Lotus Crisps To Seaweed Thins

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Life would be pretty sad without snacks. The daily 4pm slump demands you revive yourself with some salty, crunchy crisps, and isn’t it mandatory to munch on popcorn in front of your favourite show?

If you consider yourself a snack connoisseur and are willing to try anything, it could be time to shake things up a bit…

1. Lotus root crisps


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Want all the crunchy, salty deliciousness of crisps, but aren’t so keen on the calories? Lotus root crisps are a great alternative. You can either buy the crisps ready-made, or bake or fry your own. Lotus root is packed full of vitamin B, C, potassium and more, and soaks up almost any flavour you like. You can then move onto lotus root seeds.

2. Dried split peas

Any fan of Bombay Mix will know the dried split peas are the best part – and now you can get them as standalone snacks, or even make your own. Popular in India, these crispy bites are best laden with spice.

3. Plantain chips

Warning: plantain crisps are extremely addictive – once you start, you’ll struggle to stop. We recommend making your own at home so you can control how much oil is used, and we particularly like ours flavoured with chilli, lime and salt.

4. Seaweed thins


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If you really want a healthy snack, look no further than seaweed thins. Originating in Japan, these crispy morsels are easier to buy than you might think – just look up your local Itsu. Seaweed contains few calories and is high in iodine, so no wonder the Waitrose Food and Drink Report named it a superfood of 2021.

5. Coconut ‘bacon’


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Calling it ‘bacon’ might be a bit misleading – it has absolutely nothing to do with pigs, and is suitable for vegans.

It’s not an exact dupe of bacon, but coconut versions bring a similar salty, sweet and umami flavour to each bite. You can easily make it at home by baking coconut flakes with a dressing of soy sauce, paprika, maple syrup and any other seasoning you want – it’s perfect on top of salads, in sandwiches, or simply munched on its own.

6. Chickpea puffs

This is for anyone who can’t go a day without thinking about cheese puffs. The chickpea versions are just as moreish and suitable for vegans. It’s not particularly easy to recreate chickpea puffs at home, so we recommend buying from brands like Hippeas.

7. Fruit roll-ups

If you’ve got more of a sweet tooth and want to relive the memories of your childhood, why not try making your own fruit roll-ups at home? Sure, it’s not quite as easy as popping to the shops, but it’s a lot of fun (and a bit healthier).

This recipe by Fifteen Spatulas only requires strawberries, lemon juice and optional sugar.


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