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Hidden's Online Treasure Hunt: The Clues


Clue set one:

  1. The name of the actor returning to a famous detective role in a new film (have a look at our entertainment section)
  2. The name of our fantastic Drivetime presenter!
  3. Referring a friend to Hidden right now could win you a pass to which adventure park?
  4. Raspberry and fudge lover? You’ll love this ____ recipe in our lifestyle section
  5. Right now you could win a retro radio for who?
  6. Check out what’s trending on Hidden: right now you could win a brand new ____ in time for Xmas
  7. If you scroll to the top of our site you can listen ____ to our team
  8. Over the course of this year, Hidden was looking for a certain type of champion - you can find in our fascinating section...


Clue set two:

  1. We’ve got a dedicated team who provide a bunch of these types of stories on-air and online
  2. Whether you fancy a day out or a weekend away, we’ve got some lovely walks for this famous Sussex town on our offers and vouchers page
  3. When somebody wins one of our Hidden competitions, we’ll put a certain phrase in the headline
  4. In our lifestyle section, we’ve got a fantastic recipe for a certain type of pretzel
  5. Hidden’s downtime section is magical - did you know, we’ve found the ultimate ____ escapes in the UK and Ireland
  6. It’s also full of pirate treasure, elves and _____
  7. Earlier this year, Lou from breakfast jetted off where for one of our biggest Hidden competitions?
  8. When you listen to our stations on-air, what comes just after the news (hint: you can also find regular updates at the front of our website)


Clue set three:

17. How many faces are featured in total on our Explore section images on Hidden?

18. And how many presenters (individuals, not number of shows) do we have on-air each weekday (hint: take a look at our scheduling!)

19. Hidden ran a special online event this year - ‘tips for all year interest’ but what type?

20. Earlier this year, we asked Hidden members to vote for their favourite kids show - but which classic monster’s on the poll cover?

21. And which show was the seventh on the list?

22. Keeping in the same section, at the end of 2020 we also picked our eight top new ____

23. What’s our favourite thing in the world?! Hint: you listen to it every day!

24. Looking for a murder mystery evening? Check out Hidden’s Bullets On _____