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Shine On With Louise Budgen

Advertising Feature: Give yourself the greatest gift of life fulfilment under the guidance of Louise Budgen, an ICF trained coach who mentors midlife women to feel alive and thrive, as told to Sara Whatley

It happened to fall on International Women’s day when I met a very inspirational woman, Louise Budgen, Midlife Mentor and Coach. She invited me to her ZenDen, a beautiful beamed and glass barn deep in the Sussex countryside where Louise spends her days coaching clients both in person and on Zoom, and hosting coaching day retreats and workshops. “The ZenDen has a magical energy and clients tell me they never want to leave,” said Louise. “The space lends itself to hosting larger groups perfectly too.”

When Covid hit Louise had to direct her business online, something she never thought she would enjoy, but she loves the flexibility of working with clients internationally. She also launched an online group called EXTRAORDINARY Midlife focusing on the midlife mind and soul rather than menopause, fitness or nutrition. She has built a community of women connecting with each other, sparking spiritual interest and enjoying experts who share their wisdom with the group.

The woman sitting in front of me looks the picture of health and happiness, relaxed and confident in her own skin; shining one might say. “I feel absolutely privileged to be doing this,” she said. “It is so rewarding, changing someone’s life in a loving, supportive and unique way.” What Louise is passionate about is sparking women’s interest in spirituality and coaching them to connect to that inner part of themselves that can ultimately enhance everything – deep self trust, better decisions, happiness, healing and confidence.

“I’m for the woman who gives everything to everybody but has no idea who she is anymore,” Louise said. That might be a businesswoman or a homemaker; someone who seems to ‘have it all’ and may do materialistically but spiritually they are lacking.

It wasn’t always this way for Louise. Seven years ago she was involved in a huge life-changing car crash. As the car spun out of control and flipped onto its roof

 Louise heard a message saying, ‘Louise, this is going to hurt’ and she drew her shoulders up to her ears and braced. And there she stayed, frozen. “I was diagnosed with PTSD after the crash, and it was the treatment of EMDR (eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing) that got my life back on track.” This new track was born out of the huge surge of post traumatic growth and her awareness ignited around the mind/body connection which propelled her to retrain as a Coach. She felt that she was ‘coming home’, having found her truth and aligned with her purpose.

Two years later life dealt Louise a second blow, this time with breast cancer. Louise recovered and turned her health around with the toolkit she developed and was at optimum physical, mental and spiritual health when it became apparent two years later that the cancer was still in her lymph nodes. Operations, chemo and radiotherapy followed but Louise was able to,“face my diagnosis with absolute trust and allowing.”

Again Louise recovered and used her experiences to her advantage. “Having cancer helped me find my voice, helped me share my message of being your truest self for a beautiful life experience.”

Louise offers many ways to work and connect with her; she invites you to consider this powerful self-development work and share her proven toolkit and skills as a coach to help others reach their midlife goals. Louise is a certified  Oracle and Angel Card reader. Join this beautiful community of like-minded midlife women looking to feel alive and thrive either online or in person. “Your life is a sum of your choices,” choose to join The Extraordinary Midlife Club today.

Louise Budgen



Telephone: 07866 396558


Instagram: @louise.budgen