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The Time Is Now

We are all aware of the phrase ‘mindful living’, but what exactly is it and how can we achieve it? Sara Whatley investigates

I am taking a deep dive into mindfulness. What is it? How will it benefit ones everyday life? And how does one achieve it?

At its core, mindfulness is about being present in the now, being compassionate to others and aware of the world both around us and inside us.

It is said that achieving true mindful living can benefit our lives in many ways, both physically and mentally. These benefits include reducing stress, helping our bodies fight illness, improved relationships, and enhancing self- compassion. General improved overall health can follow living mindfully.

The connection between a healthy body and a healthy mind is indisputable, and mindful practices really take this into account. For example, practicing yoga; classes combine movement and stretching for the body and the mind, which is further enhanced by quiet moments of meditation and breathing. A mindful life is about being aware of our bodily health and mental health and nourishing both as best we can.

During my research I found there are myriad aspects to living mindfully, depending on where you look and whom you speak to. But one I found particularly interesting was the idea of accepting things as they are. Whatever situation you are in, if you can face it with acceptance (and even compassion) then it can be dealt with calmly and mindfully.

This idea leads onto not being overly attached to physical stuff and remembering that it is all transient. If we can accept that one day our physical lives will end, then all the clothes we wear, the gadgets we depend on, the cars we drive and the houses we live in become much less important and the real stuff is revealed; love, connection, family and relationships.

Mindfulness is a practice that takes its time; you won’t wake up suddenly one day and proclaim, “I am mindful!” Rather, practicing everyday and letting it become part of a daily routine will create a wholesome, mindful way of living.

Many of us multitask on a daily basis, juggling family, jobs and social lives, but how successful are we being within that, honestly? Mindful living embraces doing just one thing at a time. Perhaps that one thing today will be taking the first step towards a mindful way of living.