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Advertising Feature: Six Basic Car Checks With Iverson Tyres

Advertising Feature: You should make a deliberate attempt to perform some simple steps in order to make sure that your car is ready for the road writes Lisa Pete

Owning a vehicle and not being able to take care of it, is a very common phenomenon. We forget the significance of pampering our car and this ultimately results in a lengthy repair bill or a total car breakdown when we have to reach an important destination. All of this can be reversed, and you can enjoy a comfortable ride on the road - without any hiccups, if you make it a habit to give your car the love and care it deserves.

With all the car advice available in the world, there are six basic checks you can perform on a frequent basis to cover the primary functions of your car and enhance its' performance.

Tyre Health

Your tyre health is a make or break situation for your vehicle and you should always be alert towards your tyre pressure and overall health of your tyres. Any signs of cuts on the surface are not good because they will trigger the depreciation process and you don’t want to drive around with bad tyres.

Condition Of The Brakes

Screeching sound means that the brake pads are not new anymore. Brakes are very important because they can save you from a collision on road. Your car brakes need to be examined from time to time.

Wheel Alignment

A slight fault in the alignment of the wheels can cause a very bad impact. Your wheels should be professionally aligned so they are safe to drive and don’t give you any road trouble. Many local garages in Sussex and London provide a wheel alignment service and you can get this done by experts. Wheel alignment in London is available at Iverson Tyres. Similarly, you can find an authentic garage in your area.

Windscreen Wipers And Blades

Windscreen wipers often don’t tend to operate the way we want them to and this can be a problem area. You should monitor your windscreen wipers properly or you will have visibility issues on a rainy day.

Car Lights

Car lights have to be in optimum condition. Faulty lights can cause fatal accidents and the best way to take care of this is by doing a physical examination from time to time.


The oil keeps everything running and you can pull out a dipstick to determine where the oil level is. Oil levels should be checked regularly as recommended by your car manufacturer.

Get your car checked over at Iverson Tyres and continue your journey in safety.