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How to make a DIY moss wreath

Make your own Christmas decorations with foraged finds this year for a sustainable and purse-friendly feel good activity to do with friends, family and little ones alike


TOP TIP: Hang your wreath with a wide, red velvet ribbon bow to make your wreath look more luxurious 

You will need: 
-hoop of metal wire or a piece of thick metal wire
-a glue gun
-u shaped pins
-hop vines or willow branches
-larch or pine sprigs
-green garden wire
-ivy leaves
-eucalyptus sprigs

How to make a DIY moss wreath

Use a metal hoop as a base or take a thick piece of metal wire and bend it around to make a hoop shape, tying the ends together. Then twist hop vines or willow branches around the hoop to create the base shape, using garden wire to secure. Gradually add the moss, larch or pine sprigs, eucalyptus, ivy leaves and pinecones. Using wire, pins and glue to secure them in place as required. Make sure to leave the wreath to dry for a few hours if you have used the glue gun to secure. Tie with a hanging ribbon and hang with pride.

How to make a DIY moss wreath

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