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Fall Prevention: Following the 'Super Six'

Some advice for vulnerable residents who may be at risk of a fall

Fall-related injuries for people aged 65 and over account for more than 4,700 emergency hospital admissions annually in West Sussex.

Falls are not an inevitable part of getting older; there are simple steps you can take to stay steady, reduce your chance of falling, and prevent serious injury if you do fall.

Keeping active

Staying active helps retain muscle strength and balance, so West Sussex County Council have produced a simple guide of ‘Super Six’ exercises to encourage this. This can be downloaded from the West Sussex County Council website.

Hard copies of the guide are also available from Wellbeing Hubs located across West Sussex.

Regular checks

Make sure you get your eyes and feet checked regularly. If you are aged 60 or over, you are eligible for free eye tests on the NHS.

Medicine reviews

As we age, we are more likely to be prescribed medications; it’s estimated that 36% of people over 75 are on four or more different drugs.

Never stop taking any prescribed medication suddenly as it could affect your balance. Make an appointment with your GP and get your medications reviewed annually.

A safer home

Clear clutter and tidy any trailing cables which could cause trips. Consider installing an additional bannister on your stairs, or rails in the bathroom to assist you.

Tell someone if you do fall

If you do fall over, tell someone. Discuss any concerns with your GP if you’ve had more than one fall in the last year, or if you feel unsteady or dizzy when on your feet and walking.

Know what to do if you do fall

There’s lots of useful advice available online or by visiting your local Wellbeing Hub. Remember, if you fall and can’t get back up, dial 999 for help.