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Stitch In Time: Christmas Jumpers

What do you wear over the festive season? A jolly Christmas jumper of course! Go loud or go subtle but whatever you do, make sure you go Christmas fantastic

Love them or loath them, Christmas jumpers are an outfit choice of many around the festive season. TV made them popular in the 80s, when presenters wore them during holiday shows and singers wore them when appearing on Christmas specials. These mostly knitted jumpers would be Christmas themed with large pictures of Santa Claus, robins, Christmas puddings or reindeers stitched on the front. Often a hand-made Christmas present knitted by an elderly relative, these jumpers fell out of favour during the 90s and 00s. Seen more as a joke present, that period’s opinion of them is well reflected in the scene in Bridget Jones’s Diary when Bridget dismisses Mark Darcy for sporting a jumper with an enormous reindeer on the front.

Luckily we can now, if we want, express our Christmas spirits in less garish ways. There are tasteful winter jumpers aplenty that are festive in a more subtle way. Some jumpers are even stylishly decorated with small robin or reindeer patterns, if you still want a Christmas jumper of the more traditional variety.

Cable knits, Fair Isle patterns, merino wool and cashmere jumpers can be worn all winter long and for Christmas can just be jazzed up with some sparkly earrings, a necklace and a Christmas cracker crown. A festive jumper is the perfect choice for both Christmas Day and Boxing Day as it will keep you warm and give you that extra bit of room to relax in after indulging in second helpings of Christmas dinner and pudding.