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Liberty & Love

Advertising Feature: Liberty & Love is passionate about women feeling good about themselves, offering a range of beautiful underwear and nightwear that is aimed for real women, of all shapes and sizes, as Helen Stockton discovered when she visited

Liberty & Love is a new company that offers women a different lingerie experience. It stocks items that women would choose for themselves and that feel comfortable on the school run, or out walking the dog, but which also make them feel feminine and sexy. It challenges the notion that lovely underwear is only for special occasions and date nights, providing lingerie that women will want to wear every day.

Founder, Beth Kates, is keen to promote body positivity, countering the trend for airbrushed, digitally enhanced photos of women, often used by the wider media, to promote women’s products. These generally only serve to make women feel that their bodies aren’t good enough.

“Women come in different shapes and sizes: tall, thin, short, curvaceous,” said Beth. She uses actual women, with all their perfect imperfections, not professional models in her marketing and she keeps the photos real and untouched.

Her products are also for a range of ages, from teenagers to the more mature woman. “I’m fifty: no-one markets to my age group,” said Beth, stressing the invisibility of older women. “One of the models we work with is fifty-six.”

Her pieces are designed to look good and to flatter, as Beth explained, “very few women look great or feel comfortable in a few scraps of lace held together with string!” Women of all ages can feel confident wearing Liberty & Love products.

Her lingerie, swimwear and nightwear aim to sit comfortably mid-range, not cheap but not the most expensive, with quality being all important. Beth tries the products out for herself with swimwear tested in the swimming pool to make sure it stays put when you jump in! Women can come to her for a personal fitting. Sometimes they come in groups and have a collective experience with a few glasses of Prosecco. There is also the option to buy online, and Beth’s ethos of a quality experience extends there too. Each item is carefully wrapped and boxed, making each purchase a gift to yourself.

“I try and be realistic about the descriptions of all my products. If a bikini is better suited for lounging by the pool than vigorous swimming I will say so,” said Beth “and I’ve had some really positive feedback.” Beth chooses her product range carefully, “I am really particular about the items I choose to stock. If I don’t like it or I don’t think the quality is good enough then I don’t sell it.” Beth aims to offer different products to the major High Street retailers giving customers an alternative shopping experience. “I want all women to have the kind of lingerie I would like for myself,” said Beth, “that’s what ‘Liberty & Love’ is all about.”

Liberty & Love 

Address: Forest Gate Lodge, Old Forge Lane, Fairwarp TN22 3EN 

Telephone: 01825 713488 / 07867 331769